Happy Freedom From TT Day!


Today, Commie decries the lies and temptation of TokyoTosho and embraces our one and only savior, NyaaTorrents. Please accept NyaaTorrents into your life immediately for a superior and morally supreme anime downloading experience. Now where’s our money Daiz?

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25 Responses to “Happy Freedom From TT Day!”

  1.  says:

    >implying anyone still uses tt

    it’s 2014 yo

  2. leSWAG says:

    who is daiz?

  3. TheThing says:

    >mfw nyaa doesn’t have HTTPS

    >mfw nyaa doesn’t have magnet links

    >mfw he’s supposed to be our saviour

    Guys, we live in 21st century. Please spend actual fucking 10 seconds to install https (that’s mod_ssl since you live in the past) and get with the times.

    Don’t follow the false prophet: http://i.imgur.com/Qt6rv7E.jpg

    • herkz says:

      no u

    • lae says:

      Why would you need HTTPS? You’re not sending or receiving data that needs to be secured. Are you trying to hide something?

      But no seriously, I’m sure Nyaa is doing his best to spend as little as he can to keep the site up and functioning well, and HTTPS (while on a smaller scale is unnoticeable) does incur a performance penalty.

      Dude, I don’t even need HTTPS on Wagnaria but it’s low traffic so what the fuck ever.

      • Basement Dad says:

        Because, fuck you that’s why. For the heck of it. To annoy the NSA. IMHO, we should encrypt _everything_ to make the NSA suffocate in their greed to analyse the whole internets.

        • herkz says:

          please take off your tinfoil hat. the NSA doesn’t give a fuck if you download anime.

        • lae says:

          Nice tinfoil hat. Why don’t, you like, use a VPN in the same datacenter then?

    • Alex says:

      For magnet links, just add &magnet=1 to the Nyaa torrent URL.

      • Narthorn says:

        Co you can has magnet links but they couldn’t bother to include a fucking link in the torrent page ?

        brb writing browser extension.

  4. Anon says:

    >Groups in support of this initiative





















    And now Commie.

    Little by little, our lord and savior is getting closer to world domination.

  5. hoang says:

    Daiz? you mean daiz of underwater, how can he be your overlord?

  6. Ashikoki says:

    Will I be able to download the next episode of Space Dandy on nyaatorrents when it is released?


  7. neorok says:

    LOL at the Doki troll xDDD

  8. Me says:

    So… I’m apparently out of the loop. I gather there’s some drama going on somewhere, but have no idea what.

    What’s going on?

  9. Anonyneko says:

    Tokyotosho aggregates content from nyaa and other sources, since some groups release on other trackers, has magnet links, decent search and is just more useful in general.

    So what happened?

    • herkz says:

      >other sources

      no, it was like 95% Nyaa. the other groups are like fucking doki and shit aka who cares?

  10. Anonymoose says:

    If the cartel is going to force Nyaa usage for browsing then the least they could do is fix the eyecancer layout.

  11. Kurt says:

    go away daiz no ones likes u