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  1. mwe says:

    Good job muthafucker.

  2. Kyhz says:

    Orgel where?

  3. chaos_aurelius says:

    arg, now this is something to worry about

    herpderp indeed

  4. oBb says:

    In the end it comes down to who has the bigger lobby.
    Freedom and the people don’t present any profit…

    • Keiichi says:

      First, Lol at the pic.

      Second, freedom and the people represent individual profit. As a Libertarian I support the efforts to get the government out of regulating an censoring the internet.

      However, I don’t support the idea that people who put time and energy into creating a valuable program shouldn’t be able to sell it for as much as they can get.

      So, since from reading the webpage linked in the post the majority of sponsors for this effort are decidedly leftist and want to prevent me from earning great wealth by working in the computing industry, I will not add my name to the list.

      Advocate for getting government out of all aspects of my life and I’ll jump on the bandwagon.

      Until then, good luck; and thanks for the fansubs.

      • Csiko says:

        I would like to suggest that you read the details of the bill again, and realize that there is nothing leftist about it. Content creators don’t support the bill either and realize the sheer volume of stupidity that would occur if it passed.

        Please realize that the world is bigger than your arm-chair idealism.

        • Keiichi says:

          To be clear:
          I support the efforts to stop the bills.

          I do not support groups who would have congress pass legislation which forces businesses to provide their programs for free, or for congress to use tax dollars to provide people with internet access. I visited the pages for all of the groups that are listed in support of this effort. The majority of them do just what I described.

          Hence, I cannot add my name to the list.

          Oh, and it’s not arm-chair idealism. I live by my principals, and I am very politically active.

      • airco says:



  5. HollowBear says:

    well, everyone favorite word : FUCK!!

    Even if I’m not from US ,still It could create a lot of damn troubles to me for sure.
    again, bill supporter be damn ,FUCK!!

  6. Petrushka says:

    indeed derp.

    those idiots…………..

  7. macxxx007 says:


  8. anon-niisama says:

    People getting frustrated and wasting energy over things they can neither influence nor change?

    How about no.

  9. Hop says:

    The biggest democracy and the country of freedom. No doubt about it.

  10. Fag It says:

    Nothing says “freedom” like internet censorship. Way to fail, USA.

  11. Ibitro says:

    I think the government is just seeing if they can get as many people to hate them as possible, because if they are, they’re doing a pretty good job.

  12. ElDiablo says:

    I already am on the mailing list xD.

    • Kesra says:

      I added myself as soon as I heard.
      What a fucking bill.

      It doesn’t surprise me either. I mean, not even pushing a censorship bill based on inflated ideas of “decency”, just straight copyright profit. God damn.

      Censorship and copyrighting do go hand in hand. So much for free speech. You can warn people of sobriety checkpoints with paper signs, but you can’t copy anime. I mean, if it really hurt “profits”, I’d think the anime industry would be dead by now. Movie industry for that matter.

      Nope. Still rich as fuck.

      Zettai Jiyuu Banzai.

  13. Petrushka says:

    i’m not American and i don’t live in the US.

    can i change my zipcode to 9001?

  14. Rep says:

    Don’t care about USA (Russia is strong and all that stuf, yeah)), but hate censorship, especialy on teh internetz.

  15. Jim says:

    This Bill will pass no matter what the people say. The politicians only care about money and don’t give a FUCK about the people. The government has slowly been taking away our freedom of speech for the past several years now. I truly believe that in my lifetime I will see this country with NO freedom of speech at all. It’s all the government plot and people can’t fight back because the government is too powerful. There is nothing we can do. Unless there is another civil war, this country will go to hell.

  16. HELPHERPDERP! says:

    Move out of the US?

  17. BidumBidum says:

    You have been hit by WALL OF TEXT doing 3261 slashing damage.

    What will happen if SOPA gets implemented and thoroughly enforced :

    Americans will buy VPN access to places abroad. It’s already a booming industry and easily accessible. Get an IP outside the US , connect to it through a vpn server which you access over a secure ssl connection. Openvpn runs on TCP , UDP , it can be servered on any port , heck , with a 3rd party passthrough it can even look like html traffic.

    I can list dozens of companies that sell this kind of product (I won’t , I don’t want this site to get banned because of me ROFL)

    So , the workarounds to this bill already exist! They want to make vpn’s in the US illegal with this bill but what would ever be the point in getting a US vpn account anyway ! You would want a UK , French , Australian …. etc one .. the idea is to get an IP from somewhere _outside_ the US , as not to be censored !

    The effect for businesses : They will all relocate abroad , and the only booming business will be the VPN connections outside.

    Next step , Ban outside VPN server ip’s one by one ? That’s on par with cutting all the cables that go out of or into the united states.

    I for one am not worried about this bill . I am laughing my ass off looking at how american big industry are cutting the ground from under their feet. The little guy , in the end -taking a transitional periodinto account – has nothing to fear , every American has the right to set up shop everywhere , businesses will relocate , .com can be registered anywhere , nobody cares where servers are physically located. Taxes would be paid in other countries !

    Piracy has evolved…and read this carefully .. not because previous methods didn’t work anymore.. no , because the new methods are easier. The gnutella network still exists.. rated ftp servers still exist .. pirate bbs’s over dial up became obsolete , they weren’t eradicated… In a “worst case scenario” future I can imagine people flashing their routers with custom firmware to make city wide non government controlled wireless networks just because they can.. Possibilities are just endless . It takes 3 nerds and a 6pack to come up with the next method to distribute media. Why hasn’t it happened you ask? It works fine for them like it does now , and you’d be surprised what’s already running under the radar .. and what’s _still_ running under the radar…

    The thing that makes the video of all this so hilarious is .. it’s a panel of 5 that barely know about the technical side (barely is fairly generous) trying to convince the house who don’t have a clue to implement something that’s purely technical in nature. They are also constantly merging 2 very separate things . Copyright and Trademark..
    Ie , counterfeit goods and illegally distributed media.
    Counterfit medicine , counterfit handbags , watches etc etc has much more in common with drug smuggling than pirated movies who are distributed for free ! There are ways to regulate both things , technically viable ones , I can imagine stores with on the fly burning of blurays with added tractability to the movie so the person pirating can be traced. I can imagine a boom for streamed media with advertising in it. But these things are very much unrelated with counterfeit goods ! (use wmp)

    I’m sure that each representative , has someone close to them that can sit in for them in these situations. When future generations will look at this , it will be on par with the trial of Galileo.

    Also , internet , it’s a network people … You can’t imagine what’s _impossible_ to do with it !!! In it’s most basic form , keeping IP level it can be shaped to do anything DNS , TCP, UDP are merely concepts that can be replaced . Any data traffic can be made to look like something else. A server with a function to “translate” alphabetical data into a number like DNS servers do can be made to look like a POP3 server , it can be made to look like a html server .. 80% of the IT industry doesn’t have a notion of what’s possible.. Politicians seem to have some crazy notion that it’s tangible and can be owned. “It’s like native Americans getting conned out of their land allover again !” that’s what they’re thinking ! I’ll sell them mars ..

    “All innovation is American…” “The Chinese are the biggest pirates …” really , watch the video , these guys are beyond clueless and arrogant to boot.

    Me ? More cynical , but not as down about this as everyone else I guess..

    PS: The internet is not America.

    PPS:The petition asking to revoke this is at 40.000 signatures today !

    It seems to be the most popular petition on “We the People” , people do care apparently.!/petition/stop-e-parasite-act/SWBYXX55

  18. Progeusz says:

    Can I do something if I’m not from USA?

  19. Raizu says:

    Sign this petition through the to Amend the constitution, making the internet an unalienable right. Your government is trying to censor the internet.. have fun changing it after its done. Remember, a democracy doesn’t work if you don’t voice your opinion.

    if u can vote pls vote to stop the change.
    thank you ^^

  20. BidumBidum says:


    If in trouble , use crappy windows media player to play .