Hiring Editor(s)

As of August 6th, we are still in need of applicants

Shows available for editing:

Oda Nobunaga
Any other CR show that we’re not doing already
If you’re dedicated/competent enough, Horizon is also an option.

Interested parties should email .

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63 Responses to “Hiring Editor(s)”

  1. Lol i have a bad blog but I sent an e-mail :) hope to hear back!

  2. corti says:


  3. ashes says:

    Are you guys also doing UtaKoi?

  4. Ayumu says:

    I will pray you that guys find some great editors. Hopefully no retards apply.

  5. Fag It says:

    Do editors have to commit to the IRC thing?

    • herkz says:

      How else would you know when to do stuff? You also need it to communicate with other staff members. So yes, definitely.

  6. brainchild says:

    Not holding my breath on this one.

  7. deadman80 says:

    A couple of hopefully non-autistic questions for you guys:
    * What is the expected turn around time from the simulcast airing > turning in an edited script?
    * What file format are the scripts handed off to the editor? (txt, ass, etc)
    * Are the new recruits the sole editors for the mentioned shows or will there be someone backing them up to avoid mistake due to inexperience?

    • RHExcelion says:

      1-3 hours depending on the severity of the holocaust the original script commits on the English language.

      .txt if it’s untimed. .ass if it’s timed.

      There will be other editors in the channel you can ask questions if you need some guidance but you’ll be in charge of the show you’re assigned to.

  8. Yomandude says:

    I hope it’s not too late to apply…

  9. James says:

    CR is going to do moyashimon. Will you be picking it up?

  10. brainchild says:

    For the love of all that is holy, please use natural or proper English depending on context if you are applying as an editor (or interacting with anyone, really). We don’t look at the extent of localization, but the dialogue should be something you can reasonably expect someone in real life to say without cringing. If something seems off about a line, that’s probably a big hint that you should change something.

    And since this is a test, it should also mostly be error free.

    • Xythar says:

      Also, don’t feel afraid to rewrite entire lines if that’s what’s necessary to have them flow properly in natural English. Editing’s about more than just fixing minor spelling / grammar issues.

  11. u promisd says:

    They want editors but don’t consider applicants


  12. RRRb50 says:

    Hello I would like to be apply as a Editor too.

    I have a experience of editing few movies before but never really be a part of Japanese anime subgroup

  13. Ultimateninjax says:

    I would like to apply. I am pretty good at English well since I grew up in the states and I am also learning japanese at UGA.

    • herkz says:

      But not intelligent enough to read the post and follow instructions?

      • Ultimateninjax says:

        Yeah I read the post and already emailed the revised text. I think that proves that I am fairly intelligent.

  14. V2Blast says:

    …I’d apply if my ability to do it weren’t bound to tank once the fall semester began.

  15. yxpoh says:

    Gave subbing myself a try once using one of the chibi devi(only 5 mins) episodes myself previously…

    Took me a whole 4-5 hours… Feel like it took everything out of me… :P (Dun even know if i translate it correctly for some parts)

    Gd Luck to everyone who has submitted their applications and Thanks Commie for all yr hard work…

    PS: Would love to help and i dun know if i can be on IRC often due to work and school and if i can edit well enough… :) Do you have a test for it?

  16. DLG1210 says:

    Quick question…
    How much longer do people have to apply?
    My internet was cut for a few days so I didn’t have a way to do this…

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      here’s a secret: door’s always open if you can “wow” us.

      • brainchild says:

        This will never happen, but feel free to try!

        • DLG1210 says:

          I have tried, even with a sleep deprived mind, and believe that I did utterly terrible
          Though, if by some miraculous way I can actually “wow” you guys,-for a lack of better words- that would be awesome; if I failed, then there’s always next season…

  17. DONNERWIND says:

    Well I applied, hope to hear from you.

  18. Hallo says:

    Hallo, do we need to understand English and Japanese to be an editor?

  19. Fenix says:

    I would love to help, as I’ve done editing and QC for II-subs on 3 of their shows, but I currently don’t have Interwebs at my home.

    I’ll make sure to offer if I ever get the internets to my door. Or move.

  20. CODE-A says:

    paging jdp… paging jdp…