Hiring Software Technologist

For the purposes of website maintenance and other fansubbing related sorts of things.

Should expect to work on:

-Other fansubbing related sorts of things

Html, CSS, javascript, MySQL, PHP, *nix, etc.

Email with an accomplishment you’re proud of and a list of your specialties.

Note: This is a volunteer position. None of us actually get paid.

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33 Responses to “Hiring Software Technologist”

  1. ace3df says:

    “Html, CSS, javascript, MySQL, *nix, etc.”
    Take it you don’t really know how long it takes to learn all of them…

    • RHExcelion says:

      I forgot python, perl, lua, php, and a couple of others.

    • liliff says:

      Considering several people know them, not as long as you think?

      • ace3df says:

        But if they’ll know all of them at a level they are asking for, good luck finding someone who can do good coding.

        • Xike says:

          The level they’re asking for? There is no mention of how knowledgeable applicants need to be in each.

          Also, if you are the type of person they are looking for, being familiar in a language is good enough, because you’ll be able to work with it regardless.

    • Spiller says:

      Every PHP programmer should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL, as they are nearly always used together.

      Other than that, it does sound like a “do random shit for us” job…

      • Yeah says:

        I’ve met people that know PHP like the back of their hand, yet have never touched JS in their life..

        • okami says:

          I’m quiet certain that there are a lot PHP professionals that do not even like to look at JS code, me included.

          Even if MySQL is offen mixed in PHP basics books, it is not that important too. Personally I’ve met many people that knew there PHP but could hardly read serious MySQL.

        • Smrth says:

          Of course if you work in some company that ask from you only do to the PHP coding, there’s no need to touch other things. Only if you work alone, you know those things above.

          I would apply but i’m too busy being lazy and doing nothing..

  2. CODE-A says:

    what happened to the current ones? burnt out ( ¬‿¬) ??

  3. Petrushka says:

    >Html, CSS, javascript, MySQL, PHP, *nix, etc.

    Office suite (¬‿¬)

  4. wesafjrhbdsj says:


    • Kirby_422 says:

      Took you a while.. theme dispeared like 3 or so days ago. (I mad too, but atleast TK is still here.. *sigh*)

      Reading the title, I was more assuming you where looking for a programmer lol. Out of the languages listed, I dont have much PHP (enough to get by) and I’ve never touched this ‘etherpad’ you speak of, and whats needed with the torrent program? Using linux to command line run it from a server or something? How come it couldnt be programming the “Maria where” video game? *sigh*

      • erejnion says:

        Who cares about Denpa, Maria fucking where?

        It’s still the best theme, and will stay like that for ages to come. Until Commie finally releases Maria.

        Now, tho, I second coding the Maria game.

  5. dev says:

    I’d volunteer but working with PHP, MySQL and WordPress again would undo years of therapy.

  6. DrunkReaperMatt says:

    need a software engineer in training?

  7. DeckuZora says:

    Other than php, I could probably learn/handle all of that. On the otherhand, I am too busy with college.

  8. Tzu says:

    I may be asking for much, but can you give an estimate on the workload you are expecting? Also if you would need some weekly office hours or something.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Depends, really. Could go weeks without needing to do anything much if everything doesn’t break.

  9. dph says:

    I know all of those, and I’ve subbed before, so I know my way around the tools.
    I am debating whether to do this. I have 6 years experience in writing websites; for the last 3 years I’ve been using Linux as my main OS.
    Could you tell me what sort of work I’d be doing?

  10. Man In Black says:

    The “Hiring” part is misleading :D

  11. Butter Menthol says:

    I’d like to do something like this, and I know all the languages.. but I’m not sure if I’d be ‘qualified’ enough for something like this :/

  12. Redcavalier says:

    You guys really need to give more info about this. We need to know the scope of this job.

    I mean, I work as tech support for a certain hosting company. Fixing servers running linux and ensuring that websites work properly is my job. I do have some knowledge in php, javascript and html. Just don’t expect me to code something from the ground up, because I’m just not a programmer…

    So yea, depending on exactly what you need, I may or may not be the right guy for the job and I may or may not send an application.

    • herkz says:

      WordPress: make cool stuff for the blog when we get bored.
      Etherpad: set up a private etherpad for us to use. this is easy as fuck.
      rtorrent: probably not needed as we already have a seedbox but this is also really easy to use
      others: make cool/useful stuff for the blog or us. we don’t go around asking for this kind of thing but if you have cool ideas that would be nice

    • liliff says:

      uh uh did your hosting company being bought out by EIG? lul

      • Redcavalier says:

        EIG? What’s that?

        • liliff says:

          never mind then. EIG – Endurance Insurance Group. HostGator’s being bought out by them.

          • Redcavalier says:

            HostGator’s being bought out by an insurance group? That’s not really the place to talk about these things, but I’m not sure I like the idea. A hosting company being bought by people who don’t seem to know anything about hosting doesn’t sound particularly awesome. At least they’ll be able to provide funding or something…

  13. MrGiggleNutz says:

    hahahaha that is by far the best post I read here. Not that I know all the stuff they are looking for but I totally understand your response :)

    • MrGiggleNutz says:

      Oppps…. didn’t open enough in Jscript blocker. Meant that to be a reply to ‘dev’