Hiring Typists

EDIT: Due to the amount of applicants, we’re gonna do it this way:
Throw all of you in a deep pit armed with a stick, the last man standing gets the job.

Step 1: Join #[email protected]
This tests your combat IRC proficiency.

Step 2: Idle like no idler has ever idled
This tests your wariness patience.

Step 3: Be the first to reply when a job is offered
This tests your reflexes availability

Step 4: Acquire currency experience

Old post:

Shit’s not getting done, shit needs to get done. A season and a half ago we hired like 8 people. Now we’re down to a guy that speaks up once a week and magically goes missing when I even mention work.

1. Be online often. It helps if you speak up.
2. Beat me at a typing test. I type 65WPM. Go figure.
3. Not care about the show you’re typing OR typing doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the series
This includes: LoLH and Shiki (for now)

Email/leave a comment here/drop by the IRC channel. “/” = and/or

Read: This is a great way to join fansubbing with minimal knowledge and skill other than “I type faster than a chicken.” :v

PS: Those editing tests from way back are still being graded, apparently.

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46 Responses to “Hiring Typists”

  1.   says:

    What and why would we be typing?

  2.   says:

    What and why would we be typing?

  3. Ickyarkman says:


  4. Milfeulle says:

    what exactly is this typist position?

    also, wtf is with this music

  5. lolmancow says:

    Wow, sounds like a opportunity to get into fansubbing with minimal effort.
    I’ll do it as long as all I need to do is type.

  6. KuRf says:

    I’m kinda interested but how do you do this actually? (completely a noob) A step by step lesson would be nice if you kind enough to teach :)

  7. Random says:

    I’m interested aswell. I can type around 60 – 80 WPM. Also a complete noob when it come to fansubbing all I know is the process but I don’t really know the details.

  8. Ford says:

    Just took a quick online test and got 75 wpm, so I guess I’m better than a chicken?

    I’d be glad to help, and it would give me something worthwhile to do while I’m watching anime. Considering all the shitty shows I’ve tolerated over the years, I’d even be willing to watch some trashy shows for you communists to get the job done. So yes, shoot me an email with some more details if you still need a typist, and we can plot things out.


  9. Tiggerz says:

    PS: Those editing tests from way back are still being graded, apparently.

    Bullcockney and lies,
    brb killing Chris…

  10. Bobthydead says:

    I’d be more than happy to apply for such a position if you’d like to send me the needed test for it.

  11. Loken says:

    I’m interested, but I don’t think i could beat you in a writing test. I type at around 50 wpm. I could work to improve that to a better speed if I know there will still be an opening.

  12. Oh dear God, typing up FUNi subs?


  13. GreenLantern says:

    Ok, I’ll do this. I meet the requirements listed above and type a little faster than 65 wpm. My stats are here:

  14. hunluan says:

    Hi, you needed typists?

    If you have a preferred way to test typing speed, let me know, otherwise:

    If there are any particular times I need to be available, let me know.


    btw…i refuse to watch anything that’ll make me nosebleed or HNNNNNGGGG!

  15. ren says:

    i get a little above 65 WPM and i’m more than willing to get my foot in the fansubbing door.

    i’m online every night and i’m on irc pretty much most of that time. i don’t intend to vanish off to anywhere anytime soon.

  16. Metnite says:

    haha sweet, i’m down

  17. anon says:

    Just tried typing out subs for LOLH 17. Took me 67 minutes >.>

    Don’t think I’m going to do this.


  18. wwhhee says:

    Hm, I don’t mind trying this out, since I’m officially a NEET since Monday.

  19. Danbashi says:

    Well I’m definitely interested, though my WPM is sitting around 62 right now (it’ll improve with practice though, I haven’t bothered to type a lot in a very long time). I’m on the computer every day (the week more than weekends, though Sunday is usually all day), and while I don’t tend to use IRC a whole lot, I’m proficient enough with it to do most things.

  20. fernando says:

    I can type a little more than 65 words a minute. I’m also in the process of growing a sweet mustache.

  21. BrightSide says:

    I would be interested! Don’t have any experience with fansubbing, though.

    Just took the first typing test that popped up when I put it into Google, and I got 121 WPM:

  22. Jukebox says:

    Urmmm wheres the editor results

  23. TheAcen says:

    Mine’s 73+ on average after 20 keyhero games.

  24. Dickwad says:

    29 WPM, fuck yeah. That’s what you get for being retarded.

    100% accuracy though.

  25. Sonic says:

    I took the test a few times and got from 67-73 WPM.

    I would be honored to join the Comrades in their fansubbing effort and hope to at least get a response.

  26. Flammer says:

    I’d like to give it a try, as well. ヽ(´ー `)ノ

  27. ZombieBite says:

    How goes the recruitment? Need any more typists?

  28. Cool Guy says:

    I keep pulling about 80-84 WPM with 97+ accuracy.

    Drop me a line if you want to or whatever, I think it’d be neat to do fansubbing related stuff without ANY knowledge of WTF I’m doing.

  29. beno says:

    i will type 4 u

  30. lolmancow says:

    And the idling begins.

  31. StubbsiBoy says:

    Who has two thumbs and is making Motto To Love-Ru his last Commie show? THIS GUY!!!

    Your not bad. You just seem to hit way to many problems and its takes you to long.

  32. Hey look, a “desire for epeen test”. WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE.

  33. loliban says:

    Hi, I know this is not related, but whats the hold up with Sengoku Basara 2? you didn’t release the last 2 episodes in ages, any special reason for this hold up?