Horizon 13

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  1. jer says:

    nice… that’s OK, just because it’s Homura…

  2. Orz says:


  3. NoName says:

    It can’t be helped. I didn’t get anything for Christmas, it was foolish of me to expect nice things. At least I have a warm bed to cry in while I lament how meaningless my life is without animu.

  4. [spoiler]How about you translate that raw?[/>implyingcommietranslates]

    • RHExcelion says:

      We assigned a translator to it but then Lagrange showed up and we all decided that it’d be a much more efficient use of time to translate that over something that’s gonna be simulcasted in a couple of days anyways.

  5. talesmeister says:

    correct me if i’m wrong..but you have not give any torrent or ddl link right…if you have then i really need a new pair of glasses. lol

  6. CODE-A says:



  7. wakaooo says:

    bul shit la u making joke

  8. wakaooo says:

    kidding nia dont be mad ~~~~

  9. Commander Bubble says:


  10. Progeusz says:

    HomuHomu, why must you do this? T_T

  11. NoGoodTuna says:

    What the! lol, I need my Honda and Slicing Dragonfly

  12. SpermDriver says:

    Horizon I like you and im gonna let you finish, but MARIA WHERE YOU FUCKERS?

  13. gilfy says:

    LOL~ It’s ok then =D

  14. ZeroZx says:

    What…what am I fighting for?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

  15. carlos says:

    …..not funny guys..not funny

  16. PaulNamida says:

    If that wasn’t homura i’d rage ¬¬

  17. Brolato says:


  18. Kuroten says:


    The weight of your heresy shall stay thy feet… Never mind, I stopped caring already. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  19. Xoleum says:

    \o/ I’m not a dummy!! >_<

  20. johnny_dickpants says:


  21. Fag It says:

    I cried. Then I laughed. Then I cried again.

    Tess. What are we fighting for!?

  22. Aemilius says:

    Just a little more…

  23. Choco says:

    Is Persona 4 still on for today? :I

    • KKRais says:

      It’s not airing until January 5th.

    • ondi says:

      Hey guys, look like Japan is taking a break this week, so new episodes of Persona 4 will resume January 5th ;____;
      29 Dec via TweetDeck
      – TAN’s Twitter.

    • Petrushka says:

      watch it….. next year

      • Break says:

        if anyones wondering, in japan, the roles of christmas and silvester/new year are kidna switched; new years is a bggi holiday and all, thats why many aniem are on a series break. christmas in japan is more or less just a day with pretty kights that you psend trieng to get laid.

  24. Fadeway says:


    Oh someone beat me to it.

  25. jews did this says:

    Commie, eh? I’ll just wait until they finish P4 in time….

  26. Mushyrulez says:

    Hey, I can’t find the DDL link anywhere. Did you forget to upload it? I’ll just grab the torrent, then…

  27. distrit says:

    You´re breaking my balls, Commie!

  28. Chooie says:

    funny i come here looking for it and find this
    but since homura is tsundere it will be allowed

  29. Tukurai says:

    I was already curious why the article title was so correct and totally not strange.

  30. Hayate says:

    funny that most of u didn’t realize most series are on break for today till Sunday

  31. Otaku Gaijin Kurosawa says:

    Hai guys ANN just confirmed season two for LoL Heroes!


  32. joko says:

    Not bad commie not bad..!!

    need more moar troll XD

  33. Jambles says:

    Guys, you didn’t put up any links, lol. Makes it kind of hard to download anything…

  34. Zaki says:


  35. yareyare says:

    Too bad, I thought this group will do initiatives. Come on, this is the last episode, just sacrifice some efforts and time instead of saying “This will be simulcasted etc etc”.. Raw was out days ago, TS should be out days ago too~

    Well, as lame as it is.. waiting is the ONLY option so it seems..

  36. Trollfuck says:

    I used to think that arrow in the knee jokes are funny, then I took an arrow in the knee joke and know that it’s fuuuuuu old.

  37. xfri says:

    What Happen to Guilty Crown Sub?

  38. clownage says:

    u got me hahahaha

  39. Selecao says:

    It’s tsun-tsun Homura, so I forgive. It can’t be helped… ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  40. Kesra says:

    I like updates though so that’s cool.

  41. Zinos says:

    How many hours till the episode airs? Or has it already aired?

  42. Oddmoonlight says:

    İnstead of “Dummy” I prefer if she was saying “Ba-ka” instead. Btw keep up the good work.

  43. random says:

    i hope you’ll do the season 2

  44. […] Point 5: All these lines are actually getting longer and we’d be done the lighter. Point 6: Horizon is delayed. Woohoo. Point 7: I don’t even care about these specials anymore, stop trying to milk a dead […]

  45. Woto says:

    Houmura does look like she’s been anally fucked right… It’s not just me?

  46. Trombe says:

    Today is 30 …

  47. sharm says:

    Now to wait for blu-rays… Oh wai-

  48. Tsukino Kaji says:

    Are we there yet?