Jesus Christ will you people stop asking me how to encode 10bit to 8bit. Don’t ask me for help if this fails because it’s not supposed to fail.

1. Grab latest 8bit x264. Just go with the 32 for simplicity. You can grab one here, or use your favorite build, whatever.

2. Save it in a folder. (This guide assumes you’re using windows. x264 works on linux too, but fuck it if you use linux you can figure that shit out by yourself)

3. Make a new text file. Paste this line in:

x264 --preset veryfast --tune animation --crf 18 -o %1.8bit.mkv %1

You can change this:

veryfast – fastest, highest file size

veryslow – slowest, lowest file size

Leave the rest alone unless you know what you’re doing. (But fuck, if you knew what you were doing, why am I explaining this to you)

5. Save the text file as encode.bat

5. Move a 10bit file you want to encode into the same folder.

6. Click and drag the 10bit file onto encode.bat.

7. Holy shit something should be encoding.

8. Wait until encoding window disappears.

9. Open mkvmerge GUI (You can get that here)

10. Drag the ORIGINAL VIDEO into the input files. There should be a list of checkboxes underneath. You want to UNCHECK the V_MPEG4 (this is the 10bit video you want to throw out)

11. Now drag in the ENCODED VIDEO. It should be the same name as the ORIGINAL VIDEO except it has a .8bit.mkv at the end.

12. Name your muxed file at the bottom and hit mux (don’t forget a .mkv)

13. Congratulations you have a something in 8bit with quality loss due to reencoding and the file size is most likely larger to boot. Now ask yourself why the hell you wanted it again.

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  1. Muyu says:


  2. null says:

    >veryfast – fastest, lowest file size

    >veryslow – slowest, highest file size

    Not sure if this is true.

  3. ichihollow says:

    To the idiots who wanted this guide, you’re idiots. There’s probably a reason the major fansub groups are starting to switch to 10bit. The same reason is why you should stop watching anime, after all the whole reason to switch to 10bit was just to piss [your name here] off.

    To the people complaining, “my computer’s not strong enough!”, you almost fit in to category one, the idiots, but at least the idiots seem to have more money then you. My laptop is 3 years old and plays 1080p hi10 just fine so if your computer really doesn’t have the resources, time to upgrade, or admit that you’re part of category one.

    • ichihollow says:

      EDIT: it should be noted that the author of this, and the previous, reply, is not intending to make any comment or statement about the author or this post.

    • sto says:

      the main reason fansub groups are switching to 10 bit is because it removes banding that is a prevalent problem in animation. it provides higher quality encodes at a lower filesize so it is very efficient, even though it takes longer to encode.

      the main legitimate concern i can see is that media players connected to the TV are not able to play 10bit videos because of the lack of hardware support. you buy $$$ hardware to make the most out of your viewing experience and suddenly all your favourite shows dont play and you have to watch vids on a 24 inch monitor and computer speakers instead of on a 50 inch plasma with 5.1 surround sound.

      you may think that it is easy to just move the PC into the living room but for many that is impractical and most people won’t dedicate a machine just for htpc duties. (that’s why they bought the media player)

      once hardware catches up to the encoding format this “problem” will go away. but don’t dismiss legitimate concerns so quickly.

      • aza says:

        >The fact that the 10bit thing is still full of bugs

        It has approximately as much bugs as 8bit, because the logic behind the en/decoding is identical.

        >and isn’t compatible yet to all players should have been taken into account.

        No, you are ignorant. Players are the ones that aren’t compatible with 10bit, not the other way around. As a standard Hi10P has been around for as long as any other part of h264 standard, just until now decoders didn’t feel the need to support it.

    • And you’re an idiot too, defending why encoders choose to switch to 10bit without knowing the true reason.

      “There’s probably a reason the major fansub groups are starting to switch to 10bit.”

      The fact that the 10bit thing is still full of bugs and isn’t compatible yet to all players should have been taken into account. Instead of switching to force change, they should have forced the change before switching to 10bit. There are only a few that can play a 10bit MKV and even fewer tools that are compatible with 10bit MKV files.

      Set your facts straight, kid. You look like an elitist. Not a good way to go.

      • anon says:

        what’s wrong with being elitist?

      • Lolz says:


        try cccp or k-lite codec to play 10bit encode.

      • Sammy says:

        >The fact that the 10bit thing is still full of bugs and isn’t compatible yet to all players should have been taken into account.

        If they don’t start making the switch now, then when? Products adapt to demands, so if the change wasn’t made soon and quickly, products wouldn’t have a reason to update to support hi10p. It’s kind of just the painful transitional period atm. Same thing happened when groups started using .mkv instead of .avi.

        >There are only a few that can play a 10bit MKV

        lol ok

    • Delerium says:

      …. Unless of course you have an awesome TV that does smoothing and can’t play Hi10p

  4. bob says:

    I lost my faith in humanity years ago, this just proves my point, people are stupid as bricks made of pricks.

  5. Akpends says:

    Thank you. As for (13) my answer is : my HTPC doesn’t support Hi10p yet. Of course, YMMV.

  6. fran says:

    Well this happens when the fansubs drop the stable 8bit, “for the lolz”.

    I support the 10bit. Looks beatufuily in my ultrasharp monitor [10bit], and the difference is notable. But it lag in dynamic scenes (in old or single core cpus), this definiteilly must be the new standard.
    But the 8bit is there, and it will not go to anywhere soon, is a mistake, to simply throw it to the trash.

    At the last you care to post this. Anyway, i am your fan, despite having problesm with your new encodes.

    • loser says:

      I’m sorry but you got it wrong, fran. For starters, the reason why 10 bit was chosen (over, say, 12 bit) was because that’s the highest bit depth that can be done in existing way so the any (possible) performance loss is due to less hand optimization for scalers if anything. In other words, it may get faster in following months. In fact, I’d say Hi10p should be about as fast as regular H.264.
      Lastly, a single core CPU has never been powerful enough for 1080p High profile, sorry.
      P.S. I don’t know where you got a 10 bit monitor and hardware that can actually output in it but since the source is 8 bit it can’t really improve quality, just allow for more compression and less fubar during encoding.

      • lmm says:

        >Lastly, a single core CPU has never been powerful enough for 1080p High profile, sorry.

        Erm, bollocks. I’ve got one right here, been using it for four years.

  7. Maku says:

    rofl xD

  8. Heavyoak says:

    well that will show them butthurt newfags.

    I, for one, enjoy a higher bit rate.

  9. fallton13 says:

    I agree with RH. I’m surprised you gave an explaination to all the whiny 5 year olds. Screw your whining, beg mom and dad for a better PC if thats your problem, or read the page header at the top of your browser or tab where it tells you what uou can do if you dont like what they give. This group provides to us what they TL by choice, not because they have to.

    BTW Thanks Commie team for all the fuckin awesome shit you give us. Keep with the 10bit, I like it better anyway.

  10. futile says:

    man 10bit quality is just awesome on my asus led … is it so hard to just get a free player all i had to do was download zoom player v8 rc3 max automatically downloads codecs playback flawlessly took me 10 seconds, can someone tell me how long it takes them to mux back to 8 bit really curious

  11. Cyan Jose says:

    10-bit doesn’t work properly on all devices, yes, but 8-bit is not fucking obsolete. Ditching the old for the new one which isn’t perfect yet is not how you transition to a new standard.

    Stop being niggers and release both.

  12. Took you long enough…

    Like 3 days? Dismal time…

  13. Jesus Christ says:

    so now, how to encode 8bit to 10bit?

  14. Nettosama says:

    12bit releases when?

  15. anon says:

    There are also –preset superfast/ultrafast, which are even faster than veryfast (might be relevant to people with slow computers that can’t play 10-bit properly).

    For compatibility reencodes there’s also the level to take care of (presets slower than the “medium” preset automatically use L5.0 when used in conjunction with –tune animation); shiny plastic toys likely won’t support above L4.1.

    Also, I get the feeling this is only encouraging more 8-bit reencodes to pop up on NyaaTorrents.

  16. Noein says:

    :) I rather would ask HOW to encode using 10 bit because dont know if megui doesnt support it yet or i am doing something wrong : i dled x264 10 bit and overwrite in megui x264 folder but outcome is still 8 bit .. So could You post some tutorial how to encode in 10 bit or give some link to it .

  17. Keiichi says:

    I’m feeling compelled to point out to the complainers:
    You didn’t pay for it. You don’t have any say in the matter. The groups switched for their own reasons, and expecting them to put in double encoding time just so it’s convenient for you is plain greed. STFU and enjoy the FREE service they’re providing you.

  18. ZB says:

    I’m afraid you’re all wrong: http://i.imgur.com/cnJT6.jpg

  19. afun says:

    Why we must do convert? When encoders can just release in 8bit?
    10bit video is just a new fasion for fansubers for enlarging their e-penis.

  20. Acnologia says:

    I have a single core netbook with 1GB ram and I can play 10bit just fucking fine. Hell, I can’t even play 1080p files (with soft subs at least). At first I whined about it, but CCCP+latest CoreAVC will make even the shittiest somputers handle 10bit.

    Also, if your computer can easily encode 10bit to 8bit without taking forever, then you can easily play 10bit and have no reason to be doing so.

  21. pr0ncrackers says:

    Me and my lowly powered Popcorn Hour Box thank you Sir.

  22. Tysonblast says:

    oh boy oh boy i sure cant wait to start a reencode group and post 8bit torrents on nyaa

    Horizon – 1 (Commie-CUNTDESTROYER Reencode)(720p).rm

    all those red torrents man

  23. Fignuts says:

    Thanks, the information is appreciated. The abuse I’m used to, I get that from the wife all the time….

  24. Anne Onymous says:

    Looks my previous comment got swallowed.

    Alternative for steps 9-12:

    > x264 –preset veryfast –tune animation –crf 18 -o tmp.mkv %1

    > mkvmerge -o %1.8bit.mkv -d tmp.mkv -D %1

    > del tmp.mkv

    (haven’t tested it)

  25. THC4k says:

    I can’t watch 10bit on my TV using ps3mediaserver. Sure, you’re free to encode your shows however you want, but it seems very clear that noone in the fansubbing scene thought this move through. Just because 90% of the viewevers have no reason to complain does not mean that there are no valid reasons at all….

    • THC4k says:

      Also who the fuck cares about filesize in 2011? 21 GB games are distributed over Steam. Everyone uses bittorrent anyway. A episode could be 1 GB and I wouldnt care. I can wait the extra 5 minutes.

  26. Asterisk says:

    Filesize is nothing. The newest game I got from steam is already 18gb alone. If you don’t atleast have a 1TB HD in this day and age, you sir need to upgrade. Only cost what? $60?

    • Alteration says:

      Most probably do have at least a 1TB HD, but for me; My 1TB is completely full of anime, my 2 laptops are full of anime, my 1.5TB external is full of anime.
      Its nice to have a lower filesize so my anime isn’t in 20 different locations.

    • Petrushka says:

      oh dear. looks like people forgot what’s the main purpose of switching to 10-bit.


  27. Sm00ze says:

    I dunno about mac, but windows has cccp and linux has mplayer2 both run 10 bit just fine so why all the rage??

    • EdMX says:

      Hi10p (yeah, shoot me for the shit term) works fine on MPlayerX for Mac… but working codecs are only one part of the problem. Quad core i7, no question about its capability – can’t say the same for older generation macs.

  28. expiredMilk says:


    Oh right, makes fucking sense to me.

    • The Moondoggie says:

      Huh? what’s your problem?

      • Alteration says:

        I think they were being sarcastic.

        Because if you can re-encode it properly without having to wait 2 hours then you should be able to play Hi10P videos.

        • Tim says:

          Or … I might have an i7 860 *but watch anime on a dedicated XBMC-Live HTPC* that doesn’t yet support 10-bit.

          Some of us spent the money to have the best possible viewing experience, and to have the best possible gaming and work experience. In general, you can’t have both in a single machine.

          BTW, I use Handbrake for my re-encodes. At very aggressive settings I get 8-bit encodes that are about 70% the size of the 10-bit releases (i.e. smaller), have imperceptible quality differences (objectively, SSIM >0.99, most >0.995) and encode at ~30FPS (4 cores/8 threads running full-bore).

  29. The Moondoggie says:



    Used your post and linked it to another forums, K?

    Also added this:
    If it doesn’t work, blame Commie


  30. MelzHelz says:

    My phone.
    My PS3.
    My Xbox.
    My laptop.

    All these are devices I regularly played anime on until the “glorious” Hi10p came along and fucked it all up. My phone, PS3 and Xbox will never support Hi10p and my laptop will never be able to play it because it’s got the worst graphics chip in all of humanity. Why don’t I upgrade it? Because I have a $5000 computer that ALSO can’t play Hi10p. Every fucking guide is a load of bullshit and tells me to use fucking CoreAVC which is a piece of shit, CCCP which is also a piece of shit, and MPlayer which is for Linux hipster faggots.

    Seriously, why no compatibility releases. I can encode videos in high bitrate in High Profile (24 minute videos) in about 10 minutes on my computer. 10 minutes of your life could save you having to sit down for like half an hour to write a fucking guide about how to do it. Stop being butthurt hipsters promoting your stupid bullshit and do your fucking job that we give you your donations for. You ARE being paid for this so do your fucking job.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Would you like to donate your $5000 computer because it sure as hell doesn’t take 10 minutes over here. More like 3 hours.

      • RHExcelion says:

        (Seriously, donate $5000 and I’ll encode you as much 8bit as you want)

        • MelzHelz says:

          How about you start using CUDA accelerated/AVIVO accelerated encodes and you won’t waste so much time. I just encoded using x264 and it was almost painful how slow it is. Then I would /consider/ donating my computer.

          • RHExcelion says:

            Because x264 is the best encoder by miles.

            • MelzHelz says:

              Adobe Media Encoder is like 10 times faster and still produces a brilliant image, and it is CUDA accelerated if you export from Premiere. x264 can’t do that, therefore it is not the ‘best by miles’.

              • RHExcelion says:

                No, it’s shit.

                • MelzHelz says:

                  No, you are shit. Almost EVERY movie is rendered in Media Encoder you moron. Oh so they should all start using your hipster faggot shit?

                  I just love using a command line to do a simple as shit task. The only reason you say MC is bad is because it doesn’t support 10-bit. Reason for that? Because if Adobe (the people that set standards in multimedia) don’t support it then it’s no good. They support every other format, except Hi10p because it’s a pile of fucking garbage. The only reason you get smaller encodes with Hi10p is because it’s high profile. Know what that is you fucking retard?

              • expiredMilk says:

                Ever wondered why not a single(?) fansub group uses CUDA shit for encoding?

                What’s next?
                QuickSync > x264?

    • Alteration says:

      Try using PotPlayer, it worked straight away for me (without updating).

    • Bobby says:

      cry more, bitch nigga
      >$5000 computer

      >can’t play Hi10p

      cool story, bro

    • Positron says:

      >oh god what is this i am not good with computer so it’s your fault

      If you refuse to install CCCP or anything else that could easily solve your problem because they’re “shit”, it’s your own problem. At least other people have the excuse of owning a shitty computer (not that it’s really an excuse when I can get a laptop with a good enough CPU for 350€).

      Although, if your $5000 machine can encode episodes in 10 minutes then you don’t really have an issue, do you?

    • Ryuu says:

      That is sad that your $5000 computer can not play 10 bit… My $1000 laptop i bought in 2005 could play 10 bit. Did you remember to take vista off it? Also, why did you spend $5000 on a computer? I can make a better one for under $2000, and $1000 if it did not need a super fancy graphics card. Don’t tell me you bought it premade, that just means you are an idiot that likes to through his money away, because if you paid that much for it they really reamed you for the computer.

      • MelzHelz says:

        Core i7 980X @ 4GHz with 2 GTX580s in SLI + a GTX560Ti dedicated for PhysX in games with 24GB of DDR3-1866 RAM, 6x 2TB HDDs, custom built faggot.

        It’s not hardwares fault, it’s softwares fault. Shitty fucking Linux hipster faggots software such as x264 and all that fucking gay shit that NEVER work and only works on Linux. That is the problem.

        • RHExcelion says:

          Let’s see, $1000+2x$500+$200+$300+6x$80=$2980. Yeah I think I found the problem here. You’re an idiot.

          • MelzHelz says:

            You’re a dumbass. Heard of ‘other countries’ with different values for the dollar?

            • MelzHelz says:

              Also you completely disregarded my water-cooling costs, my power supply, case, and the shipping costs for getting the parts from overseas as we don’t have a lot of the parts in our country.

              • Petrushka says:

                but ur brain is not very high-tech compare to ur 5000$ computer

              • anon says:

                So you’re saying you spent $1200 on those?

                Cool story bro.

                • MelzHelz says:

                  You’re also a dumbass. Heard of other countries with different values for the dollar? Besides, water cooling is expensive stuff you peon. I had to get two triple radiators to cool my CPU and my graphics card. That’s not cheap stuff. Besides, we’re not argueing over my computer being better than yours, we’re argueing over the fact that everyone here are a bunch of fucking idiots thinking Hi10p is amazing, meanwhile you can ask any PROFESSIONAL video editor and they will just laugh at you for being retarded and they will assure you that the extra 2 bits do nothing. The difference you are all seeing in ‘Hi10p’ has nothing to do with the ’10p’, rather the ‘Hi’ bit: High Profile.

                  Why don’t you read about High Profile before you make yourself look more of an idiot.

    • Shawn Konneree says:

      >My phone.

      >My PS3.

      >My Xbox.

      >My laptop.

      >All these are devices I regularly played anime on until the “glorious” Hi10p came along and fucked it all up.

      Cool story dip shit. This happens all the time. It’s called progress.

      Here’s the process.
      1-Subbers choose to use X format.
      2-X format ONLY works on computers. No other device support exists. RAGE ENSUES.
      3-“Fans” demand support for X format from device makers.
      4-Device makers ignore the consumers demands for X format support for about a year. Some device makers wait 2-3 years.
      5-Device makers finally give in and support X format.
      6-“Fans” buy the new devices that support X format in groves, and there is much rejoice.
      7-Said period of rejoicing lasts at best a few years.
      8-There is significant, or significant enough breakthrough in a new format.
      9-Repeat process from the beginning.

      This has already happened so many times in the past.


      ^Not perfect (it’s been a long time, and many transitions), but it’s something like that.

      It’s happened before, many times already, and it’ll happen again, and again, forever.

      ALL progress comes with temporary inconvenience, and that progress happens because society by nature demands progress. It doesn’t matter if it was 8bit vs 10bit, or some other format. The next format transition was guaranteed to happen sooner or later.

      >I have a $5000 computer that ALSO can’t play Hi10p.

      That’s your own fucking fault. No one else’s. For $5000, you could have put together a computer that handles 720p 10bit as much as 7 fucking years ago. And 1080p 10bit, what, 5yrs ago?

      >do your fucking job that we give you your donations for. You ARE being paid for this so do your fucking job.

      A donation is by definition a GIFT. It is not a “pay” or a “wage”. You cannot realistically expect anything at all from a donation. Donations typically go to hosting and server costs, which are very real, and can be quite expensive. When donations aren’t met, staff has to pay out of their own pockets. Not only are they not being paid to do this shit, but often times they are actually paying to do it.

    • nx6 says:

      LOLs. I’d say you got ripped off if you paid $5000 for your computer and can’t play 10-bit files. I built my current machine 2 years ago (Core i7 920, 6 GB RAM), it was only $900 and it can certainly play 10-bit files.

      BTW, CoreAVC doesn’t do hardware acceleration for 10-bit and has the worst 10-bit playback performance of any program that support it. Whoever’s telling you to use it doesn’t know what they’re talking about and are just giving the generic answer to “I can’t play this video file smoothly”.

  31. lolniggers says:

    fuck these guys and troll the shit outta niggers, I can play this shiz no problem but I did steal your woman like I stole you bike, bird shit.

    lol @ poor white ppl

  32. ichihollow says:

    i’m sorry your video game consoles don’t play 10-bit, but ps3 doesn’t have linux anymore(not that it mattered anyway), xbox(360) live wont ever be free or cool(like every other gaming console), not to mention it doesn’t play blu-ray but i don’t see you bitching to sony about that, wii… do i have to bother with that piece of shit?

    You don’t want a computer attached to your 50″, what the fuck else do you use it for then? Please don’t tell me you watch TV in the states!? MTV doesn’t have music anymore, and only three channels have anything on that isn’t reality tv shows for people who are to stupid to have their own reality, oh wait those same people are bitching about 8/10bit shit.

    Your computer can’t handle 10bit, wanna bet? You’re probably just too stupid to figure out how to use google dumb ass.

    my 5000$ computer takes to long to reencode, dude a computer you built in 86 doesn’t count, if it really is newer, i would have been too embarrassed to admit i built/paid for something so expensive first off, second you’re telling me it can’t play a video file? You must be dumb. that last thing i spent 5k on went over 180mph had 2 turbos feeding a 320hp v6 motor to 4 wheels with a 6 speed tranny, and all you got was a POS computer that can’t play video?

    • Zero says:

      lol. i have to second with you. the last $5,000 i spend was on a car and it still running after 2 crashes, 3 dents and a few runs.

      and if you paid 5k for a pc that can’t play it, then you probably should pick up one of those books for dummies on how to build your own.

      i got a dc2t6600 with gt230m and STILL able to play 10bit. if u said cccp isn’t worth it and for linux is crappy, then i have to ask.

      Did you just spend 5k on a mac computer? cuz that the only shittiest things i can think of. and it encode in 10min? congrat idiot. that mean someone overclocked your cpu, either that or you did. don’t come whining when it burn out. cuz a $5k computer should be able to run any games, but not handle 10bit? don’t use wmp cuz that is weak. seriously…

  33. SexyAnon says:

    So when will you be releasing 12bit?

  34. somebody says:

    I convert with XviD4PSP to PSP AVC so I did have some problems converting from 10 bit to 8 bit, but that’s all resolved now. A tip for encoders: use the latest version of FFMpegSource, not DirectShowSource.

    Speaking of which, I’ve read somewhere that the Samsung Galaxy S2 can play UTW’s Fate/Zero with almost no lag. Audio/video sync is completely off when it’s played on my Optimus 2x though.

    Quoting the “Using 10-bit AVC/H.264 Encoding with 4:2:2 for Broadcast Contribution” pdf by ATEME: “However, further testing shows that increasing the bit-
    depth to 12-bit (or even 14-bit) does provide a much
    smaller coding efficiency gain (up to about 1% in bit-
    rate saving), but again, no loss over 8 or 10-bit.” Basically the gains from 10 bit to 12 bit is much less than 8 bit to 10 bit. That is why 10 bit is the optimal solution, and you definitely won’t be seeing the likes of 12 bit and 14 bit anytime soon.

  35. Masaru says:

    Say, if I wanted to install CCCP, would I need to uninstall VLC? Like, would VLC’s codecs mess with it?
    I haven’t ever installed new codecs so the only ones I have are with the players I have.

  36. XXZXX says:

    I’ve been thinking about figuring out how to do this myself, so thanks for the guide. Gave it shot, had a smaller file size with negligible loss of quality. By which I mean clearly there’s something wrong with my eyes since I couldn’t even tell the difference between them while they were playing.
    In short, success. Thanks for the help.

  37. Lazy says:

    With a few words, if you don’t mind using Media Player, download the latest codec pack from here:


    Works like a charm.

  38. ondi says:

    How to convert analog penis to e-penis and play it to plastic toys? Fuck you 10bit whiners.

  39. supernoob says:

    Xvid4PSP Latest Beta version ~6.04ver.(downloaded from original site)converting to 8bit psp or any other(1280×720… mkv,mp4..).dont found any glishes or anything from 10bit.I tryed on R-15 vol.1 BD 10bit 1280×720 and it works.

  40. qcumber says:

    Whilst 10 bit has no affect on me watching anime while sitting at my computer, 99% of my viewing happens in front of my tv using a htpc, which up until now, has played every single form of media I have thrown at it.
    I’ve gotten around this by simply coding it to use an external player but the vast majority of people here have little to no working knowledge of computers beyond trolling forums.

    I completely understand the prospect of 10bit blu ray releases seeming appealing, but week by week tv rips barely see a quality boost and the file sizes are usually small enough to not matter anyway.

  41. Cryto says:

    <3 10bit

    not sure why people complain about 10 bit. Its inevitable that technology will advance. For those who are complaining about players, players will eventually be updated to support 10 bit. Computer parts aren't even expensive anymore, considering now from a few years ago.

  42. skeine says:

    Thanks for the conversion guide. I have a TV-media player setup and don’t have the option of relocating my computer, so I was all resigned to switching fansubbing groups. I prefer the quality of your releases so it’s nice to have the option to stay. Keep up the good work.

  43. EdMX says:

    This is hilarious.

    Call me an elitist fuck, but seriously – if you can’t run Hi10p, there’s no reason for you to bitchwhine your way here if they aren’t going to give a damn for you and your shit system in the first place. They don’t owe you anything and have all the right to put a foot down on saying they want their releases to be as “efficient” as possible. 10-bit IS efficient, as far as their resources are concerned – and the video quality to size ratio is a fair enough deal to justify the shift.

  44. Ani Mouse says:

    lulz!!! I have a computer that cant play shit!..oops I mean i hacked and bashed at it till it did what i wanted, 10bit? 8bit? who the hell cares if ye can use a brain cell or 2 and learn where the players are that will support the media ye download. Want to watch on that 50 inch and be LAZY? Then go some-where else and buy the damn DVDS! Free equals thanx for the work I am leeching off of!

  45. vanilla says:

    I’m surprised fansubers don’t just make a 5mb avi and a 10 bit h264 encodes. That way all would be happy, those who care about quality can get quality, and those that are whining can get a low quality video that runs on pretty much anything.

  46. boo says:

    am for one actually glad about the smaller file sizes.
    big SSDs are still quite expensive so i can only afford about 2tb total, and regular HDs are noisy.
    i like my pc fanless and noiseless…

    oh, putting a pc together for $150,- can already have you play these encodes over here, without any problems whatsoever…have some old dude bang you in the ass for 30mins, and you could have that money easily….not saying you should, just saying $150,- is easy to earn really fast….
    and if you can’t, then stop watching anime, and go wash people’s cars or something. do some good in the world and stop complaining.

  47. derp says:

    madVR master race reporting in
    just saiyan

  48. After a bit of research, I’ve found a way to enable Hi10P/10-bit playback using PS3 Media Server to stream to my PS3. I’ve written up a quick guide and posted it here:


    This worked for me (YMMV though), hopefully it helps other PS3 Media Server uses get it working (at least until PMS includes native support).

  49. Azrael says:

    Ah fuck back to watching anime on my computer.

  50. Striker says:

    what file at the x264 do you need. I try the directions above and still get nothing. Is there a download link with the instructions and proper files ready so you can then use with the mkvmerge GUI.