So like we decided to get a few games of Civ4 together. Massive hilarity ensues.

>Had the game installed.

>Wasn’t latest version.

>Patch to correct version.

>Entire game gets fucked up.

>Delete game folder.

>Try to reinstall.

>”A newer version is detected, please uninstall first.”

>Run uninstaller.

>”Fatal error has occurred, please reinstall the game.


2 hours later:

Okay. OKAY.

Start of game 1:


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15 Responses to “Hurr”

  1. Niku says:

    Your images are very large, as are your HDD’s

  2. Lier says:

    You got the lilttle island? Then you can make the new GREAT NIPPON! And fabulously conquer the other ones, c’mon, do it faggot.

  3. Dexil says:

    Suddenly remembered TWGOK xD

  4. thesisidiot says:

    Hilarious! xD

  5. Civ master says:

    Get Civ 5!! the game is much better than any other game Civ game. Get it!

    and… Could i play you guys? :D

  6. Fag It says:

    Total size of hard disk(s) = 5253GB.

    This is my jealous face.

  7. MrJuancho says:

    A second after the game had shown me the first picture, I would have picked the DVD (if I had only a .iso, I would’ve burned one), an throwed it to the wall. Then I would’ve made a video of the event.
    My God! The specs from your computer are far away from mine T^T. However, enjoy the game :P

  8. riki says:

    holy error… the reinstalation is the solution of the problem