I Done Made a Twitter


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18 Responses to “I Done Made a Twitter”

  1. derp says:

    You don’t. It’s shit.

  2. anony says:


    You autisd on it.

  3. Black Native African says:

    wut dafug ish titer?

  4. Mushyrulez says:

    A guideline to basic tweeting etiquette:

    1) Eliminate all semblances of proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization from your tweets.

    2) abbreviate every word you possibly can

    3) abbr ev. wrd u cant

    4) use #hashtags evry #othr wrd

    5) only twt abt unimp. tng eg ‘i frt’d’ ‘gn’ & ‘jst 8 lnc’

    by flw’n dos step u’ll soon twt w/da mstry v poltic.s

    ex. twts:

    gn ery1 im #slep’n

    hey guiz i jst #frt’d

    ery1 who #twts is a #faggot

    #diduno twt look lik a guy cry’n

  5. Ryome says:

    >Posts Twitter on Commie

    >112 Followers in four hours

  6. stgmefly says:

    Now someone needs to make a facebook to maximize your faggotry