Anyone here?

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31 Responses to “Ikkicon”

  1. MrOwnsU says:


  2. onsenkame says:

    I’m sorry, Commie-fanbase is not available at the moment. Please leave your message after the next release.


  3. Sage009 says:

    Commie fanbase too busy waiting for delayed shows

  4. Zet says:

    Most of your fanbase is dying from starvation because of all the delays.

  5. makoto says:


  6. Ryome says:

    Finish Kokoro Connect pls

  7. Fenixius says:

    Wrong country for me to attend, I’m afraid.

  8. mike says:


    Please sub hajime no ippo:rising

  9. Larg says:

    Happy Holidays, commie, and have a great new year. Thanks for all the hard work. You guys are boss. An autistic boss, but boss just the same. XD

  10. darkslyde says:

    You must construct additional pylons.

  11. Derp says:

    Yes. I’ll be here all day

  12. bblox says:

    Sure. I guess texas won’t be as rainy as [european country] at the moment…

  13. Chaumiester says:

    Ah… crap, the one time I don’t attend, Commie’s there. Goddamit…

  14. not at ikkicon says:

    This is the first year I haven’t been in 5 years. Look for a guy in a Shizuo Heiwajima cosplay though. I know him and he’s a nice dude.

  15. Witch Rolina says:

    Er, no. I happened to be one of the people who went to Ushicon and knows how good that was, so… Ikkicon’s just not close to it, at least not in the first three years I went. Especially what with all the catering only to Dubs fans. Still bitter about how the lunch and room I was promised that first year of volunteering was given to some VA instead. I wound up hungry without a place to stay considering when I was supposed to work.

    It is not fun sleeping in the video rooms, guys.

  16. skiddiks says:

    The only good thing that happened was watching faggosaurus not winning an Xbone and winning a shitty anime instead.

    • bblox says:


      • skiddiks says:

        The MC asked the crowd if he should give away the xbox one first or Galactic Railways. Crowd said xbone last. Surely enough, our own faggosaurus won the drawing.

        Not only did he not win an xbone, but the DVD for a show that aired almost a decade ago. To top it off, it’s only the first five episodes—not the complete set.