I’m Sick and Tired of Hearing About Diablo 3

…so someone buy me the game.


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72 Responses to “I’m Sick and Tired of Hearing About Diablo 3”

  1. croPath says:

    meh the second one is better

  2. Nickienator says:

    It’s Blizzard, it sucks.

  3. NoName says:

    Get Titan Quest + Immortal Throne and play that instead.

    You’ll thank me later.

  4. add says:

    meh the third one is better

  5. SouLSLayeR says:

    Then play Torchlight while waiting for Torchlight 2 :P

  6. J says:

    I can give you a guest pass if you like

  7. bBo says:

    Error 37.
    Real money auction house.
    Blizzard trolling with secret pony level.


  8. knight says:

    diablo 3 WTF wasting my money to buy

    require online to play single player and multiplayer !!!

    worse than diablo 2(blizzard team)

    diablo 3 is make from activision blizzard team not from original blizzard team from diablo 2!!!

  9. Sword of Retribution says:

    Gimme some money and I’ll buy you the game.

  10. nam says:

    meh the third one is Pay2Win bullshit

    • Shuffleblade says:

      I’d like to see you “play2win” in hardcore. Also the auction house wont open for a couple of weeks even for softcore so… LUL

  11. Dont buy it says:

    ERROR 37 ERROR 3003 ERROR 82
    no way i’m gonna watch chinese cartoons instead of it.

  12. CODE-A says:

    give me your address

  13. Anonymous says:

    >60 dollar

    >For a 6-8 hour RPG game


  14. anony says:

    overrated pos.

    do your labor fansubslave.

  15. Zin says:

    Just wait a month, the servers are terrible and you’d be frustrated at all the disconnects :p

  16. Mashin says:

    Wait for Lineage 3. It is gonna be so much better. In the meantime, get yourself in the Path of Exile beta.

  17. durp says:

    with all the errors and server downtime, it’d be best to wait a while before getting D3.

    It’s fun…..if you can stay connected for more than a half hour.

    • Badboll says:

      I started playing when the server went live. 0 Disconnects so far, get a better connection it will help, i’m sure. The server went live 00.00 I got in about 00.50, played for 13h straight.
      with around 50-100ms. I think it’s safe to play whenever you wish to. ;)

  18. Smrth says:

    just go for torchlight 2.. it is made by ex blizzard team :D

  19. Sporked says:

    It’s not particularly good tbh, feels like one giant set piece. I’d rather play a game than watch it y’know? ESPECIALLY at the arserape price that they charge for it, I mean £44.99 is more expensive than the US version even with sales tax included =/

  20. Zero says:

    lol. Diablo 2 may be better, but Diablo 3 allow you to use your storage across all your chara. no need for xfer.

  21. Obummer says:

    Wait for Torchlight 2

  22. Frankon says:

    hell no….
    You would sub less. So no D3 for you ;P

  23. Tazu says:

    Diablo 3 is booring as hell nothing new or groundbreaking

  24. DmonHiro says:

    You wouldn’t want to have it right now. It’s begged to hell and back and the servers are backing up.

  25. bBo says:

    playing fallen earth instead.
    apocalypse in a nutshell.

  26. asd says:

    I dunno wtf you guys are talkin about, I played all day yesterday except for the 15miute downtime.

    • loghain says:

      yep me too…haters gonna hate. its a good game, nothing new but really good and fun if played with friends

  27. p says:

    I’ll buy it for you when you release the rest of MARIA.

  28. Tertium_Quid says:

    Try this out instead…

  29. Hawk says:

    You’re just in it for the Vibrator, admit it.

  30. HamsterAnn says:

    Get Dragon’s Dogma, comes out the 22nd. It’s so spiify :>

  31. Weeee says:

    Being forced to be always connected to the server… Oh, wait. It says error 37 for the 200th time? Damn you Blizzard for making me buy a game I can’t even play…

  32. gravegod says:

    the errors aren’t realy there and it is a great story if you are a fan from the start.
    btw if been playing for more then 15 hours now and if had only a down time of 3 minutes so i don/t know what the bitching is about

  33. Ressy says:

    So I just finished Normal difficulty, after spending roughly 20 hours on this character.
    It’s not short, it’s fun.
    Can’t say if it’s as good as D2, and I’m ashamed at how few sets/uniques there are before lvl 60, but it’s good.

  34. Paizuri Prince says:

    Pirate motherfucker. D3 isn’t worth buying anyways.

  35. D says:

    I like the game 13 hours in I haven’t beaten it. Then again I search each area and kill all the monsters. Also have listened to all the story segments.

  36. tj575829we87h45789 says:

    (Internet required for single-player)

    Very fun game, regardless.

  37. anon says:

    Me too Rex.

  38. Anon E. Moose says:

    Stop being a tool and supporting Blizzard’s exploitation of consumers. They’re as smug as EA.

    No, but seriously, fuck World of Diablo.

  39. nethzken7 says:

    D3 and torchlight yeee… ima be playing DotA or something if i get bored of D3 lol

  40. Heavyoak says:

    release the rest of maria holic and I will buy you Diablo 3 on steam. i’m not even joking.

  41. RHExcelion says:

    Diablo fucking where

  42. Des says:

    No, saving my money for Lollipop Chainsaw for myself xD

  43. anon-niisama says:

    It’s shit.

    Imagine all the characters from D2, and now they’re in a Saturday morning cartoon. That’s D3.

  44. Basement Dad says:

    As already stated… haters gonna hate. The Skill System is meh. Blizz really changed it in favour of casual gamers. But it’s still fun. Witch Doctor is a glass cannon with the right items (massive intelligence/vitality boosting).

  45. souther says:

    13 hour play, lv21 wizzard
    Not bad, good story, good graphics, but I miss customization. Compared to diablo2, you get every ability ready, you have to only choose your current active abilities to fit to your role. So the chars are more flexible, but it takes the joy of tinkering with the skills.

  46. Kaz says:

    When blizzard and Activision merged I refused to buy any games from them..I already black Listed Activision so I had to add blizzard to that list.

  47. Dan says:

    It’s like I’m really on /v/!

  48. Zero says:

    i may be with you on that one, but it Blizzard. i mean, common. it not like they killed the series like EA did with C&C, rite? rite?

    beside, the only gud thing out of D3 are some of the nifty features and can’t wait for the arena to be unlocked. but then, there isn’t much joy when they lower the rarity of the items simply by forcing you to go forward. however, they HAVE included higher diffcuity, unless you’re playing it on hardcore? i’ve already lost 3 of them. DX

  49. AccelJunk says:

    Deliver Accel world on time every week, then I’ll buy you Diablo 3.