Internship Recruitment

I don’t think any (non-automated) group in fansubbing history has attempted the number of shows we’re doing this season (or maybe even last season, who knows).

Thus –

Intern positions have opened back up in the field of timersetting (we combined timing and typesetting). We’re also looking for a couple of new editors, but mastery of the English language is not something we can teach you in a few weeks.

To apply, PM RHExcelion on IRC and ask for either an internship application or an editing test. (If he’s asleep, check back in 12 hours)
Applications closed.

Edit: Internship means that you don’t have to know anything. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. You just need to show up.

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59 Responses to “Internship Recruitment”

  1. KKRais says:

    Interested in proposition making of which you are I would be.

    First language my english it is.

    Be sending of me the e-mails.

    • f4113n says:

      Sorry to say but your english mastery is a bit shaky.

    • Jukey says:

      Resounding success.

    • KKRais says:

      Timing of which the screen placement words interested very much I am being.

      Programming using you are of the Adobes making the effects after?

      Experiencing much I am very in this programmings.

      The jukebox singings clock timing very proficient I am with the sparkling and Disney singing like animated princess song movies.

      Enjoy Japanese language very much I do. Through watching the Japanimations I am learning language yes like I am learning the English from the CSI: Miamis.

      You send me e-mailings or contacting much on the Facebook?

      • Marlin says:

        Fucking Hobbitses.

      • erejnion says:

        The subtitles Commie uses, soft they are. Aegisub may of more importance be, compared when with the Adobes you passingly mentioned. Not that I sure am, ’tis what I wrote but a simple guess is.

  2. AsDumbAs4chan says:

    It might be interesting to apply, if there weren’t only crappy shows left over to fansub.

  3. Kuroten says:

    My, my, doesn’t that one have an interesting version of ‘English mastery’. That aside, I may be interested in assisting you with your editing needs. I may be in touch with you all after some deliberation with other groups I work with, as they aren’t doing much this season it seems.

  4. tibsi says:

    I have always dreamed of being tutored by the (in)famous Commie crew

  5. gelads says:

    > I don’t think any (non-automated) group in fansubbing history

    > fansubbing

    > implying that you translate anything, except for 1 or 2 shows.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      >implying one must translate the show to be a fansubber
      >implying we are not fans that sub

      • 窃盗物語 says:

        >implying what you guys do is subbing

        Not to mention when in house translation is required, you fail miserably. The commented Ano Natsu romaji is hilariously wrong while Nise OP never mentioned anything about sisters.

        • anon says:

          Good job figuring out our implication.

          Also, we have one guy handling most of the song transcription and translation; direct your feedback to him.

      • 窃盗物語 says:

        >implying what you guys do is subbing

        Not to mention when in house translation is required, you fail miserably. The commented Ano Natsu romaji is hilariously wrong while Nise OP never mentioned anything about sisters.

  6. Kanoto says:

    does editing also require fluency in nihonggo, or just “english mastery” (to whatever arbitrary level the group defines)?
    Also, any timezone differences that need to be noted? I’m at GMT+8, so an hour behind JST, if that matters.

    yeah I know I’m supposed to log this in the IRC, but I’m still figuring out the software so I might as well dump this comment here (whichever works first considering the need for comment mediation)

  7. TJ says:

    What exactly does editing consist of? Is it just checking that everything’s been done in proper English with no spelling/grammar screwups or do things need to be checked back against the Japanese source to ensure accuracy?

  8. Csiko says:

    I should make the English equivalent of Namasensei’s Japanese Lessons.

    Without the liver failure, of course.

  9. Millhi says:

    internship thing seems nice, i’ll think about it and see what i’ll do.

  10. Daniel Throckmorton says:

    I’m a senior in college finishing up my degree in technical communication. I have actually taken an editing class. While this opportunity sounds intriguing, I’m curious as to how much time would be required each week, and at what times I’d be expected to work.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Flexible hours. Editing shouldn’t take more than an hour or two on the day of the week an episode airs. Shows air anywhere from 8AM to 4PM US time. Mostly around noon.

      • yakitatefreak says:

        US Time? that could be anywhere from Alaska and Hawaii (UTC-10, UTC-9) to East Coast time (UTC-5)! By the way, my time frame is Pacific Time (UTC-8)

  11. oBb says:

    maybe I’ll become a commie brother when I won a big lottery jackpot, but before that…. too busy getting my brain filled with bits and infos for my job.

  12. HeavenlyArmed says:

    I would have been interested in editing for you guys, but this season isn’t good for me. I’m already editing two shows for another group. Plus, I assume the whole “not in any other groups” thing from the last internship run is still in play anyway.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      That whole thing is more because we don’t want to have a whole “hey guy go do this” “lol nope doing x for y” situation.

      • HeavenlyArmed says:

        Still, as much as I’d like to help out, I’m busy enough as it is this season with other groups. Despite the fact that neither of the groups I’m in speedsub anything. Ever.

  13. JaK says:

    i presume u will also provide,work raws for timing and typesetting purposes?
    Cause i don’t think my net can dl anything over 500mb within 1 hr.If so then iam interested in the time setting position :]

  14. Echoes says:

    hmmmm sounds interesting, i would be a super Intern LOL, I know nothing about Typesetting timing, since i go back to college it would be a pain. Summer 2012 would be the best choice for me.

    PS. I watch a crap load of Anime LOL.

  15. H_B says:


  16. bl00per says:

    I wouldn’t mind doing some editing.

  17. zay05ohayou says:

    I’m interested, could do with some skills. How can I sign up? :)

  18. Rise-chan says:

    I tried and failed the last time, I doubt I’ll be allowed to even apply this time.

    Btw, I’m awesome at English and am even a judge on a writing contest.

  19. genorage says:

    i’m interested in the editing position i don’t know how to use irc much can i have any help?

  20. Pure LionHeart says:

    But showing up is the hardest part. D:

  21. Hongers says:

    Oh, did I get in?
    I do not know as of yet
    Grader is busy.

  22. Defendos says:

    hmm this sounds interresting im very good at english because of animes haha, im from nederlands (dutch), but which program i need to install to use irc and what are the channel settings im not good in setting up the irc to make contact with your guys, i hope i get a response back, im really glad your guys are recruiting, i hope i can hop in and help you guys with my support

  23. basement dad says:

    > I don’t think any (non-automated) group in fansubbing history has attempted the number of shows we’re doing this season (or maybe even last season, who knows).

    I’m not surprised. You don’t finish half the shows that you start (Nura *wink wink*)
    Son, I’m disappoint.

  24. idiffer says:

    lol. your channel discriminates against mib faggots.
    when will the results be posted?

    • herkz says:

      you should get your result pretty soon after you submit your shit unless people are afk

      • idiffer says:

        sorry for not replying sooner, had urgent stuff to do.
        anyway, i was banned while waiting for my application to be checked, when i was kicked from the channel. apparently you can’t have mib in your nick or smth ridiculous like that. so what do i do in this situation?

  25. ben says:

    am really interested, and already added you on IRC , hope that you will come on soon :)

    Have an experience in grammar checking for Japanese in a language website as I am currently learning Japanese there as well :) So my grammar is quite spot on.

    Really interested in working with you guys , Cheers .

  26. yakitatefreak says:

    I am interested, but I would also need to know about some time specifics. I have aegisub already, so there should be little issue with encoding, typesetting, and timing, but I need to refine on those aspects of fansubbing. There should also be a QC in a job position just in case something major happens!

  27. infintex says:

    I am interested! I’d be very good as QC’er and whatever else