InuBoku 7, BRS 4, Symphogear 8

Inu x Boku SS 7

Black Rock Shooter 4

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 8

jdpedit: I deleted the stickied post because it became a hotbox of butthurt.
The problem with P4 19:
>Guest49838’s idle time: 3d 19h 51m 4s.

He did some large amount of work on the episode and then never uploaded it, so we can’t just throw someone else at it without having them redo the whole thing. Which we might do.
20’s done, by the way.

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44 Responses to “InuBoku 7, BRS 4, Symphogear 8”

  1. Some Dood says:

    Wait, I came here to complain about lateanimu.jpg. Why are you killing my fun?

  2. erephy says:

    And thanks :)

  3. Hassy says:

    has persona been l4d2?

  4. sen asebi says:

    as long as gc and senhime get same day release all of us can wait weeks for the rest of the crap you guys release

  5. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for the episodes!


  6. BRS says:

    Thanks so much for BRS commie.

  7. Alesianduke says:

    Thanks for the episodes! One inquiry from my part: what about eps. 18 of Last Exile Fam (or eps. 16 by ANN standards)?

  8. Fag It says:

    Thanks for B★RS.

    Waiting for PER.SO.NA…

  9. Blu says:

    Appreciate the update as to why P4 is stalled and if I may suggest it why not put up an “announcement” section on the right side where you can keep us updated on all the latest projects that have been delayed for whatever reason so as to stop all these stupid “_____ fucking where” posts?

    • Kinsei says:

      This. Only about 10% of my frustration was that P4 was late. The rest was not knowing why. The simple explanation in this post will allow me to wait patiently without any further frustration on my part, while watching all the other shows I get from you guys in the meantime, like BRS and Symphogear.

      As always, thanks for the work you guys do and the episodes you provide. If I hadn’t been coming to get P4 and GC I probably never would’ve started watching BRS in the first place.

      • Mairo says:

        They are commie so… But real problem with persona 4 is lack of any alternative subbing group. There isn’t even on horriblesubs (which are really horrible anyway)!

        Thank you really much for BRS. Everything’s fine when at least that gets out on time (and nisemonogatari)

      • Allorin says:

        Sorry, but there is, nor will there ever be, a justification for you or anyone else getting frustrated, upset, angry, livid, or any of the other plethora of negative emotions, for FanSubbing Group A being late for releasing Ep X of Anime Derp. You are a leecher. Most of the people posting the comments are leechers. I’m a leecher. However, I’m different. I know my place.

        • xnx says:


        • Anon31231312 says:

          Sorry, bro, but while you may have a point, I’m going to have to disagree with you on a small part.
          No, we shouldn’t get up in arms and flip tables, I agree. However, we do have justification for being irritated, frustrated, upset, angry, livid or any other negative emotion.

          Picture it this way; Bamco says they’re bringing and older iDOLM@STER to the West. You greatly enjoy Idolmaster. A year later, nothing. Two years, nothing. You ask what’s taking so long, and you get “We’re workin’ on it. Remember what happened last time you bugged about it?”

          You wouldn’t get upset? It’s the same shit. I may be a “Leecher,” as you so kindly put it, but that doesn’t mean that if someone gives me free ice cream, but shits on it, I can’t complain about SHIT on my ice cream because “Hurr it’s free.”

          I’m still patiently waiting for my Persona, before you jump the gun down my throat, however. Just please don’t use that age-old excuse everyone hears from everyone who does fucking anything.

          • Blu says:

            I was thinking of a way to explain why I didn’t agree as well but couldn’t come up with anything haha but that ice cream example sure did the trick. Anyways I agree 100% with you, I mean its not like we’re asking for too much just a sentence or two and like you i’ll stay loyal and patiently wait for persona now that know why its been delayed.

      • brainchild says:

        You can always get on IRC and ask. Someone might actually tell you the status of an episode of if he/she isn’t feeling cheeky.

      • Kinsei says:

        @Allorin: I feel the frustration was more a personal emotion toward not watching that particular Ep X of Anime Derp in the timeline where I usually enjoy watching it. It is in no way directed toward FanSubbing Group A, because, like you, apparently, I also realize that I am a leecher and that said fansubbing groups do their work for little to no monetary gain. It’s why, you’ll notice, I’ve said nothing UNTIL we got a status update, and then only to thank them for it. If my comment came off as needless bitching, then my apologies, as that was not my intention.

        @brainchild: I actually did that a few days ago with ZnT. I got a quick response about why it was late and then lo and behold the three episodes they were behind on came out a few days later. I personally hate asking for status updates, though, because I know groups like these get bombarded with “WHERE IS !!?!”

    • herkz says:

      do you realize how much work that would be and how lazy we are

  10. Tim says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop and for all the awesome chinese cartoons.

  11. CODE-A says:

    gah! why u delete my favorite stickied post? been looking forward to read all those butthurt comment ლ(¯ロ¯ლ)
    now I’m so jelly

  12. Jh says:

    Hope we get some more Mirai Nikki Soon, been missing Yuno *Q*

  13. Ozzy says:

    BRS: Bitches be crazy, srsly!

  14. Choco says:

    I was expecting a simultaneous release of both 19 and 20, but this kinda shot me down. Honestly, as much as I want to see 20, I wouldn’t go watch others subs on it because fuck big yellow subs and fuck TAN. So hopefully if you guys have already decided to redo it, it doesn’t take too long. But, I’m just glad this didn’t turn into MARIA FUCKING WHERE.. Please sub 19 ;___;

  15. Nura Fan says:

    Am I the only person still waiting for Nura S2? haha

  16. Syrant says:

    “Hotbox of butthurt”

    This is a good phrase, and I may steal it for future use.

  17. Knofbath says:

    You didn’t have to delete it entirely, just unsticky it so it falls off the front page.

    I’m here for Mouretsu Pirates, so I wasn’t paying attention to the butthurting about p4 anyway.

    As for BRS 1-4, wow this is kinda depressing so far.

  18. Tiger says:

    I’m here for Persona 4 as well, but I’m not going to bitch about it being late.

    Fansubbing is not a right, it’s a GIFT. Most aren’t even paying for it, and people who donate are probably only paying for the hosting services – not the materials, not the manpower, nothing. So, yeah. People can just shut the hell up already. If you have such an issue with Commie, fansub it yourself.

    OH. RIGHT.

  19. torchlight says:

    >TAN streamed Maria

    >TAN streamed Persona

    I think I’m seeing a link here.

  20. Tinyballs Hardcock says:

    I’ll reiterate here then:

    For various amazing reaons, this upcoming Nisemonogatari better be prompt and on time or you’re literally worse than Hitler. Because at least Hitler got shit done.

  21. Fag It says:

    ^ butthurt over P4.

    …It hurts.

  22. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks for Symphogear :D

    • Xythar says:

      Yep. The ‘star’ font was muxed in but the file itself got corrupted somehow. It’s fixed in episode 5.