July 4th

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38 Responses to “July 4th”

  1. FFF says:

    Sushi isn’t African?

  2. CODE-A says:

    (T^T)/ AWW YEAH *Patriotic tears rolling down the cheek*

  3. anon says:

    Lol, wtf is happening.

  4. walaoa says:

    Fuck Yea

  5. Saxon says:

    Hoo-Rah! and, FUCK YA!!

  6. Enno says:

    This is awesome, in a strange way.

  7. Kurololi says:

    lol! They should have thrown in some old ass Revolutionary War reenactment footage.

  8. DeathKila says:

    The whole movie (Team America: World Police) is fucking patriotism.

  9. Gunblazer says:

    This video is best viewed with the ‘RepublicanSubs’ theme active.

  10. Zaton says:

    That feel when you’re not a free american living in a free country for free people.


  11. backwards says:

    so many things from america asploses

  12. Newcomrade says:

    >being a french communist is suffering

  13. Tmt says:


    ** distinct lack of Fuck Yeah!

  14. Suzume! says:

    America FUCK yeah!Happy ID

  15. Sumomomo says:

    Waiting till the whole country goes full Mexican.

  16. Shagaroth says:

    * Cricket chirps + silence* lol

  17. TRUE MURRICANS says:


  18. bbo says:

    im not saying anything to that, except – this layout sucks.

  19. RDF2050 says:


  20. nethzken7 says:

    ANIME!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!

  21. Fag It says:

    It’s funny cause we’re firing missiles at innocent people. Get it?

  22. Merc says:

    Fuck Ya!!

  23. Schezza says:

    viewer discretion is advised

  24. Ankoku says:

    I remember the Heroman video with this song. A pity it is no longer available…
    The lack of FUCK YEAH after books still hurts

  25. Xoleum says:

    Bed Bath & Beyond!!
    Just one guy goes “Fuck Yeah!”
    (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ you fell for it!

  26. Anifan says:

    Republican Subs :O

  27. anto says:

    REPUBLICAN…fuck.. yea…..

  28. real american says:

    lets let the world know of of americas prime achievements!FUCK YEA!1!

  29. deeman says:

    Who is YEAH, btw?

  30. Proud fapper says:

    > Red Army Parades


  31. Commander Bubble says:

    must you americans blow up everything…

  32. Missing says:

    Little late but FUCK YEAH!!!!

  33. real american says:

    you arent late. as long as we are in wars and dropin bombs erryday, its always the 4th of July