Letter Bee 09

1) We need an ANIMAX capper so that we can release Book of Bantorra with the proper quality and speed. Please PM cryptw on Rizon if you are or know one.

2) Watching fantasy animu is like watching someone play an RPG (yes, contrary to SOMEONE’S beliefs, I do actually watch the anime that I encode (except White Album and 11eyes))

3) WTF. Letter Bee has covered three, yes, that’s right, three, major, but short, plot points in nine episodes. Even Pokemon covers one plot point an episode (IIRC from 10 years ago). So far it’s covered:

  • Delivering Lag
  • Lag becoming a Bee
  • Discovering Gauche is most likely dead (that wasn’t a spoiler since they’ve already been mentioning it since like… what? 3 episodes ago?)

4) And just to re-iterate, we need an ANIMAX capper. Please PM cryptw on Rizon if you are or know one. We had to use BS11 this week, which has inferior video quality in this instance, due to lol PD not being in a good mood.

5) We won’t be adding any stuff to the bot until I am done with server migrations (probably Monday or Tuesday).

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