Next Season

Accel World
Tasogare x Amnesia
(Shining Hearts)
Sakamichi no Apollon
Kikansha Thomas
Eureka Seven Ao
(Natsuiro Kiseki)
Fate/Zero 2
Train Hero
Medaka Box
Mouretsu Pirates
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD
(Acchi Kocchi)

Are you doing the ____ movie?
Yes. Yes we are.

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71 Responses to “Next Season”

  1. Kamijou says:

    What movie?

  2. Grimking71 says:

    Def gonna get Eureka and Kore wa, maybe if i finish fate S1 ill get 2. thanks for cool beans

  3. Hurvilo says:

    Wouldn’t it be quicker to list the shows that you AREN’T doing? :D

  4. FORTEHLULZ says:


  5. Xythar says:

    I like how it’s sorted by editor, but the editors themselves remain a ~mystery~

  6. Rudo says:

    Accel World and Train Hero

    praise the comrades

  7. ColSeBas says:

    Why is Upotte in brackets?

  8. jack says:

    Sweet! You’re doing all the series I was planning on watching. (besides for the Rock Lee parody anime, for the LOLz) Can’t wait for the Spring Season!

  9. maru says:

    Commie FTW!

  10. Tygrare says:

    Thomas? Really?

  11. Andrey says:

    Guys, you are crazy.

  12. FFF says:

    Movie? War in Pants? It must be a camrip, so we should wait for the BD.

  13. Petrushka says:

    Do you have enough hashish to get all these shits done?


  14. Huh says:

    Kikansha Thomas dafuq?

    At least you’re taking on Sankarea and Medaka Box though, I love those two series xD

  15. Kirizuna says:

    wtf loads of shit i mean epic shows :D

  16. ondi says:

    Tasogare x Amnesia
    (Shining Hearts)
    Sakamichi no Apollon
    Medaka Box
    Kore wa Zombie desu ka? OF THE DEAD
    Hell yeah, Commie.

  17. Smoky says:

    Nobody asked you to do them.

    Stop causing fansubbing shitfits already and stop.

  18. BAKA-SAN? says:

    Need ma Hamtaro Dechu.

  19. Shawn263241 says:

    As long as you don’t get overwhelmed I guess, lol.

    Oh, and speaking of movies could I get an estimate as to when that Hayate no Gotoku movie is going to be released in HD/Q?

  20. KuroLoli says:

    I really don’t see anything I’d risk using the last of my HDD space on…

    Still don’t haven’t seen all of season 1 of Zombie Desu Ka because some group decided to stop their project because it was getting dubbed…

  21. DeuS says:

    Just wondering if you guys forgot or just not doing it. Horizon 2 was slated for summer 2012. I know no official air date has been released but are you guys wanting to do that as well? I know you guys had a blast with the first season.
    I am perfectly fine if you guys aren’t since you seem bogged down.

  22. Sivus says:

    Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha 2nd?

  23. durp says:

    from fansub wiki

    >(Thomas removed. It’s actually just a Japanese dub of Season 14, which aired in English back in 2010 (Season 16 began airing in the UK in late February))

    • durp says:

      >fansub wiki

      disregard that i suck cocks

      i meant fansubdb

    • niggs says:

      If that’s true it just means Commie can future TL it using the English as reference.

      Fucking needs more time travel releases.

  24. oBb says:

    guys, are you working with the daemon’s darknet or something?

    (book: daemon, author: daniel suarez, look it up)

  25. airco says:

    Ha ha are you niggers serious

  26. rehtona says:

    oh commie never change

    i love you guys

  27. Fuck Year says:

    >Fate/Zero 2


  28. Friend says:

    Anyone know when Kizumonogatari is coming out? I hope you guys/girls will sub that when it comes out.

    • Dash says:

      Kizumonogatari is going to be an Anime Film, Im guessing we wont see any subbed versions at least until the dvd/bluray come out :S

  29. Progeusz says:

    Lame, not even half of the shows.
    Just kidding :3
    Spring is hardcore, 40+ series…

  30. RevPsych says:

    > Everything I want to watch


  31. Red says:

    “Are you doing the ____ movie?
    Yes. Yes we are.”

    Lovin’ it.

  32. Nodens says:

    Looks like I’ll be counting on you Commie for Spring. You’ve got a majority of the shows I’ll be watching, on that list.

  33. White Shadow says:

    1st 3 + Fate/Zero :3
    I won’t be seeing sunlight.

  34. BAKA-SAN? says:

    What about G0n?

  35. vivant says:

    Waiting for F/Z S2 (and maybe Tasogare x Amnesia too) =D

  36. nOiSe says:

    don’t tired yourselves out guys!

  37. Seriousbznz says:

    >Kikansha Thomas

    I fucking love you guys. AOTY

  38. Kalishnakov says:

    *Bang* *Ba-Bang* *Ba-ba-bang!* *Bududududududuududududuududdduudududuududd-chic-chic-chic-chic*

    But seriously, isn’t it sort of crazy getting Sankarea and Tasogare anime adapaptations at the same time when their themes, subject matter, and heroines are almost identical? I’ll be watching both regardless, just… has there ever been a convergence of subject matter and aesthetics this close before? It’s kinda creepy.

    • Xythar says:

      Well, there was that time we got Squid Girl and Jellyfish Princess in the same season. There’s probably more examples but I’m too tired to think right now.

  39. Heavyoak says:

    maria where?

  40. kurini says:

    Good luck with all of this! I hope you guys won’t die of overwork! XD

    Anyway, the series I might watch
    Accel World
    Tasogare x Amnesia
    (Shining Hearts)
    Sakamichi no Apollon
    Eureka Seven Ao
    (Natsuiro Kiseki)

  41. akumatafur says:

    Thanks for the F/Z. Now you only need the cherry on top:

    >Redline director Takeshi Koike will serve as animation director and character designer, and AnoHana’s Mari Okada will handle the series composition.



    okay, okay, so… where’s the damn usagi drop specials, fags?


    question: if you’re doing the specials, why not do the BDs for it too… i mean if you have it already, as is… then again, you guys pick up about as many shows as whores pick up men in one week… so…