Now Hiring Manga Cleaners/Typesetters

So yeah, Commie Enterprises, Inc. is now apparently doing manga. This one, to be exact. We need someone to clean word bubbles/text, and then type in the translations. If you think you’re up to the challenge, fill out an application here.

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25 Responses to “Now Hiring Manga Cleaners/Typesetters”

  1. Nonafel says:

    Glorious Commie subs, now with memes in paper!

  2. petoyusa says:

    I love you, girls! I’m really looking forward to Commie Scans!

  3. you doki now says:

    You Doki now?

  4. Shinji10TH says:

    Daigo is washed up guys

  5. kappap says:

    dangit! I thought it was “Umehara – Fighting Gamers”

  6. keemeef~ says:

    I can already imagine and see the hammer and sickle watermarks on mangas. Looking forward to this.

  7. Thanat0s says:

    Hi, I can clean the text boxes(that’s the term, I believe). I can also add the text in there. If you are interested, write a mail.

  8. ペニス says:


  9. ksg says:

    I can help too cleaning, redrawing and typesetting

  10. eing says:

    what do you guys even want to scanlate
    there’s probably a whole one series worth reading right now that isn’t in english

  11. nope says:

    daigo a shit

  12. Munkadelifruit says:

    I found the wax on/wax off tools in GIMP, but is it a splatter style kungfu ‘To Live is to Game’ or not? 2013 and no reviews? Thwap over 30 pages and you can have something to make Art Direction feel the drama (or hang over the bin.) Waaaait a minute, it’s only about (an anonymised) DoTA?

  13. Munkadelifruit says:

    Oh look, they adapted it for French Nintendo DS.
    …he calls in a bug to Sega. On SF… just Street Fighter on CX. Where’s the WHAT? angle?