Oh Hi There

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** Edit: The ads have been removed for now. They were giving some people problems and people seem to be willing to donate anyways. Thanks for your support.

TL;DR at bottom.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve slowed down considerably over these past few days at releasing new shows. Although many of you have the urge to call us lazy bastards, this is not entirely the case.

As you probably already know (or should), the former leader of the group, cryptw, has decided to quit fansubbing. While he was leader everything fine and dandy, as he funded our servers from his personal coffers. Now that he’s gone—

LONG STORY SHORT we really need an i7 box with 100mbit unmetered internet, and those cost at least 72 euros a month. (Do tell us if you can find cheaper.)

To somehow meet this goal, we have put up ADS (No, not AIDS, but close) at the top of this page. Can’t see them? Then please turn Adblock off. At least for this site. If everyone obliged, we would make ~$100 a month. Enough for the server.

Except really I doubt that all of you will oblige to turn off Adblock. Which is why there are now very cheesy lovely donations pictures on the right there.


Turn Adblock off.

No can do?


EDIT: Okay these ads are fucking annoying with these redirects, we’re trying to do something about that. DONE

EDIT 2: If you know any better ad providers/would like to host ads throw us a message!

EDIT 3: If you’d like to be credited in some way (on the site, one of our episodes, a TT comment, whatever) leave a message here with how much you donated and I’ll pull some strings.

EDIT 4: This comment deserves special recognition:

LONG STORY SHORT we really need an i7 box with 100mbit unmetered internet

I’m sorry but this is complete and utter bullshit. Fansubbing existed long before cheap dedicated servers and 100mbit internet, most of us worked out just fine with our home PCs and shitty internet.

tl;dr goddamn kids, get off my lawn

Yeah, not to mention “speedsubs” took about a week to release and leechers loved them for it. We delay things for 2 days and cutthroats are at our neck. Quote: “If you can’t release within 8 hours of airing you might as well drop the show”. Oh yeah those XDCC speeds back in the old days were glorious too.

TL;DR I’m probably older than you.

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86 Responses to “Oh Hi There”

  1. butts says:

    So what’s the status of Occult?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Teaching someone to remote encode is pretty hard. That’s where it’s stuck at. Should be done later today.

  2. Ashandorath says:

    Are these the kind of ads we have to click on to get you money?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Nah just having them intrude upon you is enough. If you do happen to click, don’t click too much.

  3. Commander Bubble says:

    you’ve gotta enable 4 different javascripts from websites too… THE UNSAFESNESS

  4. Fubji says:

    I still don’t see anything but a “affiliate marketing” text after turning Adblock off. I guess I sould turn NoScript off as well but I won’t do it for you. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  5. RHExcelion says:

    It can’t be helped. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  6. Windir says:

    even when I turn off Adblock I still have no ads… strange

  7. Jackal says:

    Yes, I love the part when nice people click on google ads repeatedly and then Google tells you to fuck off. Good times…

  8. kache says:

    I will donate when I will have money.

  9. Blad3101 says:

    I would donate, but I’ve never been very trusting of PayPal. Who are you planning to get i7 hosting with?

  10. Chibito says:

    I don’t have adblock, but unfortunately don’t have paypal either.

  11. Shawn263241 says:

    I’m surprised you guys only have the one ad banner. Would gladly disable AB+ for you, but I can’t donate.

  12. Chris says:

    Turn adblock off ?_? HELL NO…..donate ?_? HELL NO AGAIN, I can’t wait till the issues hit you and several others thanks to a shit load of pissed off……well just wait and see…I mean hear knocking. >.> LMAO this is gonna be great and will suck too since there will be less than eight left to take up the slack; but there will be others to start news ones up. After yal and the others are hahaha ohhhh this is gonna be great so great I am so proud of us. LMAO

  13. andrena says:

    You should know better than to use Reimu’s donation box as an image, its notorious for always being empty.

  14. Tom says:

    I’ll click on the ads every day since I can’t donate

  15. ObObOb says:

    Disabled adblock and no script

    clicked the ad too

  16. yaHzee says:

    so donating=faster releases?

  17. Rgh says:

    Just curious, don’t you need to click on the ads to get paid? I don’t mind supporting you guys with no adblock and all but I’m just wondering how is the ads suppose to support if no one clicks? Unless this autoticks once an ad picture loads.

  18. EpicNaruto says:


    Adblock disable for this site :). Hope it helps since I visit often. Broke college student so donations are impossible lol.

  19. AIDS says:

    Wow, cryptw was fansubbing?
    What exactly did he fansub?

  20. PoppinJay says:

    Just move to blogspot.

  21. a says:

    donations > ads

  22. Thai says:

    I would turn off adblock if it didn’t redirect me to some quiz. But I will at least turn adblock off click some ads at least once a day

  23. Fag It says:

    Also a broke college student so I will not donate (although Black★Rock Shooter image makes me wish I could) but will instead turn off Adblock. There, are you happy you soulless sellout fags?

  24. storrm says:

    lol i didn’t even know i was blocking. are got to love seamless add blocking

  25. philip says:

    if it also counts with page loads, then we should all download the auto-refresh add-on and just leave the commie website open to refresh itself lol.

  26. Anon says:

    What?! Now even commies want my monies? Time to go to HorribleSubs.

  27. Not Anonymous says:

    The Ads redirect me to a 404 page. WHAT DO?

    • aethon says:

      empty cache and/or try the site again, without pressing back+refresh. sometimes the ads hijack the entire page–gets frustrating.

  28. Raging Old Anon says:

    >LONG STORY SHORT we really need an i7 box with 100mbit unmetered internet

    I’m sorry but this is complete and utter bullshit. Fansubbing existed long before cheap dedicated servers and 100mbit internet, most of us worked out just fine with our home PCs and shitty internet.

    tl;dr goddamn kids, get off my lawn

    • IGChris says:

      Notice how we haven’t actually stopped subbing, we’re just having to deal with doing everything on our home PCs and shitty internet, which slows down the subbing process by a fair amount.

      Even without a dedicated encode box, we’d still continue to work on all of our projects, it just is going to take us a bit longer to get each release done.

      So, of course, we don’t NEED an i7 box with 100mbit unmetered internet, it would just be very helpful in allowing us to sub these shows and release them for delicious consumption by our viewers. So it’s not quite “complete and utter bullshit” any more than saying “I really need to get a good night’s sleep” would be.

      tl;dr don’t be so rigid with the meaning of “need”, old man

    • null says:

      Fansubbing existed. Groups who released six or seven (how many is it? I’ve literally lost track) shows per season mere hours after their release in Japan, however, did not.

      Is your memory going, “old man”?

      • wat says:

        yeah, same goes for groups who just recycle someone else’s scripts rather than translating on their own (not that I mind or care)

    • cryptw says:

      This guy’s right.

      If you’re gonna be whiny fags, pay for it yourselves like I did.

  29. Qc says:

    clicking on ads so v2’s can keep coming

  30. Confused says:

    Wait.. why do you need an i7 100mbit unmetered interweb?

  31. Confused says:

    Oh and GG.

    Check your systems guys, browsing the site for 5 minutes and I get this:

    ahvatkmtssd.exe thrown on startup. Found in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\fpkxfediq

    Prz get a less virusy/malwarey ad system. Google, kthxs.

    • aethon says:

      wasn’t us.

      • Confused says:

        It most certainly was you. This was the only site I had open, and I guess one of your ads or whatever started a Java script/redirect/whatever and threw something in startup. My AV didn’t pick it up, so it might not have been malicious, but it shouldn’t have happened, regardless.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Google denies us. :/

    • null says:

      Mine’s clean; you sure you didn’t get the malware from that shady porn site you were on earlier today?

  32. Pedro says:

    Donations are fine, but if you want to promote more trust then publish a target monetary figure under the donation button thats updated continuously and then systematically locks when your target is reached.

  33. Mute says:

    I clicked the ad, no harm done and if it supports the site great, on a side note having a monthly goal would be nice, i only speak for myself but if i saw you were like 20 dollars from the goal i’d whack out my bank card.

  34. Buzer says:

    Has anyone actually tried using Amazon EC2 for encoding (I wish someone would finally fix the x264farm…)? It might cut down the cost quite a bit (probably to $1-2 or so per episode, especially if Linux is enough) assuming the encoding speed is adequate.

    • HerpDerp says:

      We actually did try it. The performance varied too much and it ended up being more expensive than a dedicated server, especially with the number of episodes we do each week.

  35. Fag says:

    Commie has like three zillion ops. You guys can’t pull $100 between all of you? What the hell are you doing with your pocket change?

    I think our taxes are being used to keep the ruling class fat. Time for the proletariat to rise, my comrades!

  36. Millertime says:

    I’ll donate when i get a chance and turn of adblock BUT ONLY IF YOU DELIVER UNTO ME MOAR GLORIOUS HEROMAN!!!

  37. Lolz25xxreloaded says:

    Maybe monday I can donate like 10 or 20 bucks x]
    Also, What about shukufuku 4?

  38. Quintasan says:

    Sup commies, I hope u enjoy 3$ I gave u today.
    RHExcelion, do you play Heroes of Newerth?

  39. Quintasan says:

    Hmm, I though I saw u in game, guess someone with similar nickname.

  40. Commander Bubble says:

    disabled adblock: check.
    disabled noscript: check.
    no adds…

    ran website in internet explorer; no adds…

    i’m confused…

  41. Commander Bubble says:

    …and i just read the edit that says adds were removed. go me.

  42. ME says:

    LOL 100$ A MONTH

  43. LA says:

    donate for crunchy reencoded rips?? lol lol lol

    • IGChris says:

      Wow, if only we actually reencoded anything from CR, then you would have a point.

  44. anon says:

    haters be hatin’