Perfect Dark

(Before anyone asks, yes, this is the reason for Omamori Himari and Book of Bantolla delays.)

So, for those unfamiliar with the matter, the following can be discerned from ANN (stuff in parentheses are my own):
– Some guy was arrested over the uploading of anime, including Fullmetal Alchemist, to Perfect Dark.

Thanks ANN. That’s some quality, detailed journalism.

Now, onto the stuff I can discern from my own research (includes speculation):

Sauce 1: http://news.google.com/news/search?aq=f&um=1&cf=all&ned=au&hl=en&q=%E4%B8%B8%E6%A9%8B%E9%9A%86%E8%A1%8C

It has be decently well covered in mainstream Japanese media.

His name is 丸橋隆行 (Takayuki Maruhashi) and is 37 years old. Someone on the PD .ts board (this is like a thread for western forum users) speculated that his tripcode @tm=KXGyctx3a8Q-De+wN93-54k0Cae was derived from his initials (western name order). Someone by the tripcode @chibi=2fdkIto6RBjHTwoBsHuD+qCWGO1 appeared on PD just after @tm seemed to have disappeared (start of December last year), and seemed to upload the same things that @tm did, as well as use the same filename format and keywords in the upload. (@chibi also seems to not have uploaded anything since the arrest, leading me to believe that it is him).

Now for rumours that I have heard on IRC (Rizon):

– PD has been “cracked”

I’ll assume that “crack” means the ability to discern the original uploader of a file. Basically, PD has a system called “unity” whereby every node on the network will automatically download and upload pieces of random files without intervention. It renders it impossible to determine with 100% certainty which node introduced a particular file to the network, since the uploading mechanism sends different pieces of the file to different nodes. I’m sure there are ways of finding out, such as downloading multiple files from the same tripcode and seeing which node sends you the most data and is statistically most likely to be the original uploader, etc., but the unity system still has created plausible deniability.

– External means

Someone on IRC suggested that he was posting on BBSes (forums) about what he did, so police got his IP from those forums, then proceeded to his ISP, etc.

If anyone knows any information on this, or knows Japanese and wants to translate (or summarise) some of the Japanese news sauces or the relevant posts on the Perfect Dark board (after 2010-01-26).

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  1. Chelelo says:

    Most of this is just desinformation created by the japanese enforcement law, which in this case is just bullshit. Why the japanese police has not arrested the people that uploads one piece or naruto shippuden? Because they cant, there is no way they can trace them, unless you are so fucking stupid(mind my french) and you go to forums or boards and claim that your cock is bigger and greater than Jupiter(roman god). But if you think they can trace you, you can go to an internet cafe and make your upload from there, or go to a wifi spot, you can use the internet from there and make your upload. Well that is just my 2,000,000 euros opinion.