Supported players:
MPC-HC (Windows)
Note: Do NOT use the official MPC build as it is no longer being updated. The one linked here is the most actively-developed fork. If you still have issues, you might need to install the standalone LAV filters.
Optional: madvr (high-quality playback) | assfiltermod (libass port for MPC, but hasn’t been updated in years)
Pros: Has a GUI and is easier to configure than MPV. With madvr, high-quality playback is also significantly simpler and arguably better.
Cons: Only maintained by forks. No actively developed subtitle renderer, meaning you may experience lag in playback, especially on lower-end machines.
MPV (Windows/Linux/OSX)
If you want something with better default keybinds, you might want to grab this fork instead.
Optional: eXmendiC’s MPV setup guide for high-quality playback
Pros: Most actively-developed player. Works on all operating systems. Uses libass, which is the best subtitle renderer.
Cons: Default keybinds are pretty bad. Configuration is tedious. Be prepared to spend a bit of time setting everything up for high-quality performance.
Note: VLC might work, but is not supported. You’re on your own for mobile players. If you still have playback issues, you’re probably doing something wrong, but you can ask for help on IRC.

127 Responses to “Playback”

  1. giran says:

    how did played back? haha i’ve been using waifu2x to modify some of your stuff, it’s hilarious 8kL OL

  2. lol says:

    CCCP is DEAD!

  3. quark says:

    Hola, awesome people.
    if you don’t mean it, im just wanna share CCCP mirror link via GJM.


    i hope this helps.

    • someon says:

      You missed the point. All people know how to get CCCP but the problem is that it’s dead. So a new alternative must be present.

  4. anon says:

    Maybe include some MPC + madVR package?

  5. Spike says:

    Not really your problem I know but how the heck do I extract the video and audio parts to edit in premiere it just never works do I really have to reencode

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