Proper Recruitment Post

Right so the recruitment last season was a total failure complete success.

If you haven’t done so already, Please apply.

Here’s what the last one broke down into:

Timers passed: 7
Timers that were already in the group and submitted an application to troll me test the grading methods: 1
Person that was already in the group and submitted an application because he was bored: 1
Timers in IRC: 4
Timers that are all but confirmed dead: 1 (R.I.P. X3OY|Away)
Timers I can regularly assign work to: 2.5

Editors passed: 2 (Apparently) Fuck you IGChris
Editors in IRC: 1 (Guess what, he’s also one of the active timers)
New Editors available for work: 0 (Except he’s rarely on)

Typesetters passed: 2
Typesetters that were already in the group and submitted an application to troll me: 1
Typesetters that had personality issues and got dropped: 1
New Typesetters available for work: 0

Translators passed: 0 (Translators applied: 0)

Oh yeah and that typing recruitment thing a few weeks ago

Typists passed: A lot. Kinda hard to fail a typing test.
Typists still on IRC: 1

( ´_ゝ`)

TL;DR: We are recruiting EVERYTHING.

Editing test
The usual email.

Typesetting test
Ok, so download [Commie] The World God Only Knows – 01 [476E9732].​mkv and TS signs from the script. Commented signs are the most important, TS’ing half of them well may be enough to impress me.
But srsly I don’t think anyone will pass this test, I’ve just put it up because RHE asked me to ( ゚◡◡゚)

EDIT: Some people didn’t quite understand me. Doing half of the commented signs may impress me, not half of the script. Srsly.

Translation test

Email me. That’s it.

Encoding test

Email me a link to something you’ve encoded. Attach the avs and explain what you did and why you did it. Also explain your x264 settings. <100MB please.

Timing test (Yes it’s the same test as last time)

Typing test


*TL Note TBD = To be determined.

We are in desperate need of:

Timers on the American side of the Atlantic. Like fucking seriously every single one that passed last time were European.
Translators, especially ones that can read kanji/translate signs. I don’t even care if you don’t want to translate the episode itself. If you’re here for translating kanji signs, that’s good enough.

If you’ve already applied and were turned down, I don’t care if you apply again. Entirely different people will be grading this time.

Oh yeah my email is the donation email over at the right there. Not implying anything of course. ◔ ◡ ◔

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44 Responses to “Proper Recruitment Post”

  1. D4MNy0urU91Y says:

    “Typesetters that had personality issues and got dropped: 1”

    i thought that was requirement?

  2. Holy shit, editor results!

  3. yanderelicious says:

    I can do typesetting and timing if there is a test I’ll take it. Though sadly I leave in S.E.A.

  4. Fag It says:

    times IS hard.

  5. crysis says:

    I’d like to apply for a part time editor position and hopefully I’ll do better this time around.

  6. muizz93 says:

    maybe i can be a translator,and i have a little knowledge of japanese, pls reply…
    yoroshiku onegaishimasu
    i can pick any series, right?…

  7. Jukebox says:

    Hey. I applied for editor the last time round >.>

  8. balldick says:

    You never have to wait.
    kingofthesea: All you think of when you see “ball” is “testicle”?! MY MY! I think the “dick” part threw you off.
    It’s not like timers get paid to time anime, I doubt there’s a difference where they’re from in relation to the time they stay inside a group.

  9. balldick says:

    “Timers on the American side of the Atlantic. Like fucking seriously every single one that passed last time were European.”
    Americans are too stupid.

  10. balldick says:

    Also, they’re lazy.

    • kingofthesea says:

      coming from a person with a testicle user name (shows no imagination at all, other than from his little pants) but not surprisingly enough the europeans don’t stick around like their teeth do seems mostly the reason why commie is recruiting.

  11. J says:

    Wait.. does this mean the editing test is being properly marked or rewritten completely?

  12. Dickwad says:

    Can I still apply even though I’m a slow-ass, computer-retarded typesetter who will probably take days to typeset anything?

  13. Ryekeel says:

    About the editor role, do we have to wait for the test to be determined first before applying for it? I am interested in applying for that position.

  14. yanderelicious says:

    to whom i’ll send the typesetting test?

  15. Kosakai says:

    Soo have you drop The World only my Balls Knows? or is it just on super homeboy dely

  16. Milfeulle says:

    It’s been a day, where be editing tests?

  17. Milfeulle says:

    Okay just sent in my editing test.

    Best of luck… for me. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  18. yanderelicious says:

    Question about the timing test. Do we need to put TPP values or just time it normally?

    • Fanofde4ever says:

      I would assume you would do it as if you were timing it for release, so lead in, and lead out need to be added.

  19. To apply or not to apply…

  20. Jukey says:

    I applied for editor. That was fun!

  21. beno says:

    i applied to the thing you have plenty off