streamy circlejerk

Now Melty Blood

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  1. DmonHiro says:

    Cannot log into chat. Keeps asking me a capcha.

    PS: Are you paying the original or the UnDub?

    • Infralion says:

      Pause your AdBlock software. The captcha features an ad. The validation stuff struggles with AdBlock too

  2. Mexicanburrito says:

    so this is why no busou shinki yet…

  3. Taikutsu says:

    …What game is this?

  4. wajinshu says:

    haha gameover then reload savestate…. using PCSX2 eh what is your FPS? :D

  5. DmonHiro says:

    When you have some spare time, could you share with me your plugins setup, please?

  6. Fio says:

    Xenosaga summary:
    ep 1:
    story: good
    graphics: okay
    ep 2:
    story: garbage
    graphics: garbage
    ep 3:
    story: okay/garbage(makes you read a bunch of files instead of actually telling one)
    graphics: one of the best in PS2 era

  7. DmonHiro says:

    I also think that episode 1 has the most engaging battle system. The battle system in episode 2, with the break zones, was pure SHIT. Not only was it boring, but MOMO and Shion could only hit at the middle level, but they had long rage weapons. WHY THE FUCK COULDN’T THEY JUST AIM HIGHER/LOWER? Also, the system was completely broken. I did not get hit ONCE in the final battle.

  8. bbo says:

    nothing against streaming your gameplay, but could you put it to not autoplay or something?
    I load commie in the background everytime my browser starts and this was… unexpected.

  9. Nycter says:

    Over the years, I’ve craved playing Lunar 2. However, I’ve never found a ROM for it. I don’t imagine you lads know where to find it? And yes, I’ve searched high and low through various ROM libraries, rapidshare, etc.

    • Almechazel says:

      What version are you looking for? Emuparadise has the Eternal Blue ccds available, as well as the SegaCD and Saturn versions.

  10. cloudsora says:

    Was just thinking of breaking out dolphin for monster hunter 3 the other day.

  11. Marche says:

    Man, it took me like five whole minutes to figure out where the heck the Dota sounds were coming from.

  12. bardiche says:

    “RHE Plays Bad Games..”

    I bet you actually like the game. You’re such a tsundere brother.

  13. Nig says:


    >still wasting your life on shitty games

  14. Marche says:

    RHE plays good games well and some joke about the river in Dota.

  15. CRYsis says:

    Who is your girl in this generation?

  16. Gummi says:

    WTF I was watching Arrow whne some japanese sounded in the background and I was like so he went to Japan also :þ

  17. pantsu says:

    I do not understand the appeal of Kancolle.

  18. Oddmoonlight says:

    Which game is this? (The RPG game)

  19. dhianeila says:

    what is the name of the raping song thats playing with this video

  20. BurningLove says:

    Iku is good, but Burning Love is better.

  21. Karmarov says:

    Can some one post a link to this Battleship/Anime girls game, can`t find it with google…

    looks kinda funny..

  22. AMg says:

    I did notice that Shimakaze is quite a poster girl for KanColle advert around JR Yamanote stations.

    • AMg says:

      Ironically, tomorrow (Nov 11) will be the 68th anniversary of her sinking in the Battle of Ormoc Bay.

  23. fefifofum says:

    wtf am I watching?!

  24. veer says:

    I am amazed that your autism was so powerful that you’re able to reach high level teitoku in only a few days.

  25. Assiduouss says:

    passed out. heres magic plane 4 u rhe. if u ever read this

  26. Kirizuna says:

    @RHExcelion wanna get yamato? :3

  27. Commander Bubble says:

    i think i’m enjoying the title wars from this post the most ^_^

  28. Malific says:

    LMAO Still playing that Naval game while streaming Starbound.

  29. Schezza says:

    bad bad bad bad. less gaming, more IS2!

  30. bblox says:


  31. Andr0o says:

    That’s Anno 2070, great game.

  32. bbo says:

    regular occuRHEnce.

  33. Rasparr says:

    Valkyria Chronicles I?! Hell yeah! It’s SO awesome. I love this game. Rosie, Marina and Jane best girls~

  34. kuro says:

    wait, they have an official undubbed release for this?

  35. WZ1 says:

    NO. Edy and Marina best girls, (and Imca from 3).