I hope you go bankrupt

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20 Responses to “FUCK HERKZ”

  1. man00ver says:

    My completion fetish for Mono Second BDs shall not be denied!


    Would e-dogeza be helpful?


  2. fuck you says:

    none of them retard

  3. Xeiros says:

    Y’all do a great job on the monogatari series in general, but at the end of the day I’m grateful for whatever I can get. I’d always preferred your guys BD releases over Coalgirls given all the world play in the dialogue for the aforementioned franchise, but like I said before beggars can’t be choosers.

  4. Manten says:

    Why do people still care about Nisekoi? The BDs are actually worse than the TV.

  5. animufag says:

    Where’s “Koufuku Graffiti” option


    I’d vote “how about you finish Space Dandy first” but it’s not a SHAFT anime

  6. Maxer says:

    “Why Nisekoi is an option?”

    Also, I’m hipster enough to want for Hana.

  7. lion says:
    Or in this case, all three of the Monogatari ones.

  8. erejnion says:

    Second Season, then Tsuki, then Hana. Did Hana even have much BD changes? Onimonogatari actually got an opening, so it takes priority.

  9. Knugen says:

    Considering you haven’t actually subbed tsukimonogatari I would really like to not have to live with Coalgirls release.