100+ fever/extremely sore throat/shakes,chills/headaches/barely been able to get out of bed the past few days.

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  1. فارس says:

    get well soon

  2. فارس says:

    get well soon

  3. Nin says:

    Get to work you pansy.

  4. PhillipDSX says:

    Get well soon and lay off that “anime” thing, it’s making you ill! Take care!

  5. Adulthood says:

    I know this gonna happen

    oh well, get better soon

  6. Masaru says:

    Shit happens.
    I don’t mind you taking days off to recover. Your releases are awesome. Take it easy.

  7. Saxon says:

    Hope ya feel better mate!

  8. Oni Me no Link says:

    Get well soon!

    Eat chicken soup, drink hot tea and lie under hot blankets listening to your favourite music.
    A little bit of booze, like a good vintage Port wine, wouldn’t hurt too ;)

  9. yep says:

    heroin withdrawal?

  10. Deus says:

    Bitch please, get to work or I’ll send my servant on you.

  11. Petrushka says:

    get well soon

  12. macxxx007 says:

    Damn… please take it easy and get well soon!

  13. PaulNamida says:

    sounds viral… yeah, it sucks, take care, I can wait for my Horizon >w>

  14. Bobby says:

    Rest up, we don’t want you to get worse now. do we?

  15. Keionyan says:

    I just ate curry omu-rice will that make you feel alot better?

  16. deculture says:

    Quick! Get well! So we can get our anime! ^w^

  17. BDark says:

    I know what you’re doing! You’re making me appreciate you more by getting sick! Well, it’s working. Q.Q Hope you get well soon! :3

  18. Jade Ruby says:

    yes get well soon (i got the same thing right now XD)

  19. bob says:

    aw shit. this sucks, you being sick and all.
    so commie is out of commition (pun not intended) for at least 3 weeks.

  20. erejnion says:

    fnord, go back to work. we are still waiting.

  21. Infinitywulf says:

    Ouch, I hope you get to feeling better soon, heck if I was feeling that bad I dunno if I’d have even attempted to make a post.

  22. WhiteCat says:

    Yuck! Take care & no worries about the anime. Get well soon.

  23. DmonHiro says:

    might i suggest getting off the damn computer and going to bed?

  24. chiffon_rouge says:

    >not having a dependable imouto that cares for you when you’re sick


  25. MaFF says:

    Thank you for all your hard work till now! I hope you get well soon.

  26. Bob says:


  27. Sparker119 says:

    I could take either of two roads, jokingly and kindly call you a pansy or say gl hf get better…..

    I hope you get better you bitch pansy. Make sure to eat plenty of glass to help you buff up. Soup helps too-

  28. Alex says:

    Health before pleasure :D… Hope you get well soon!

  29. Mirai Nikki says:


  30. Robot says:

    AKA MW3

  31. Shawn263241 says:

    Hm… How will this affect your Last Exile releases?

  32. bob says:

    You forgot to add the shits as well

  33. >100+ fever/extremely sore throat/shakes,chills/headaches/barely been able to get out of bed the past few days.

    Sounds like the Japanese common cold.

    • required says:

      …or just the common cold anywhere else in the world weeaboo

      And the test, hope you studied…

      What’s the right thing to say?
      A) Get well soon!
      B) Get back to work!
      C) Fucking pansy!
      D) All of the above!

  34. Tysonblast says:

    Get well soon, bro.
    You likely needed to rest anyways.

  35. Elly says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re ill! I hope you get well soon, and in the meantime take it easy and get lots of rest.

  36. nkat says:

    I would’ve felt bad if you listed “stuffy nose” as a symptom. That shit is hands down the worst part of a cold or whatever. Fuck congestion.

  37. ghli says:

    flu season, it’s a killer

  38. Tukurai says:

    You should work at least twice as hard when you are ill.

  39. asdf says:

    Thanks for giving that info in a way that ppl from Myanmar and Liberia understand.

    Hope you get hemorrhoids too.

  40. Swaps4 says:

    Get well soon.

  41. Slaaaawpoke says:

    Get well, bro. And don’t even think about dropping some show due lack of time. You know, we can wait ;)

  42. Romdeau says:

    A) Get well soon!
    B) Get back to work!
    C) Fucking pansy!