Got too much time on your hands? Enjoy simple, monotonous work? Is your E-PEEN easily fulfilled by watching works that you release onto the Internet consumed by the thousands? Got at least a cursory knowledge of Aegisub?

Then look no further! CommieSubs is proud to announce that we are indeed recruiting more timers (and typesetters)! Apply here, or, for expedited application acceptances, apply on our IRC channel, at #[email protected] ~!

What’s that, you say? You possess none of the above? Well, never fear! Commie is also looking for fabulously overpowered multicore computers and equally fabulously speedy internet connections alongside them, for the express purposes of encoding our videos! You might even learn to encode! *To clarify: something along the lines of a quadcore, graphics cards don’t matter, and internet speeds in excess of 1mbps/~500kbps. We’ll also need to be able to use it for at hour+ stretches around the clock.

Apply now! And stay fabulous!

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49 Responses to “Recruiting!”

  1. TheGreatGazoo says:

    Oh hell no…

  2. philip says:

    this attraction was a total turn off lol

  3. nicky_008 says:

    Let’s rock in communist with fan-subbing capitalism now… ;)

  4. Stove says:

    Protip: It’s essential to hang around on IRC and keep hanging around there. Most ppl just disappear after given 1 assignment, odd.

  5. wolfbane says:

    The cyrillic ‘ТЫ ЗАПИСАЛСЯ ДОБРОВОЛьЦЕМ?’ = ‘You was written down?’ (AltaVista) What the hell is that? And we all know how those guys play: if the enemy don’t get you the commisars will.

    PS Nice to see you took up Apocalypse Meow. That should be a good series!

    • aethon says:

      lol. we just jacked it from the internet. thanks for the translation.

      • ? says:

        It actually says something along the lines of “Did you enlist voluntarily?”

        • wolfbane says:

          Nah, a truer translation would be something like ‘Suit up, factory worker, it’s time to do your national duty’. Original .jpg was from:

          but a better propaganda poster from the time was this one:


        • Tusipusi says:

          Exactly. The poster calls to people to enlist voluntarily in the Red Army.

          • brett says:

            voluntarily lol

          • Orange Hollow says:

            Yep, you’ll laugh, but people really voluntarily joined Red Army. The old masters and authorities just pissed everybody off to no end at that time. Of course, eventually, they figured, that commies was no better and even worse. Just read Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, you’ll get an idea.

          • wolfbane says:

            True. From a 21st century perspective the old USSR was not someplace you would want to be, after Stalin took over. Interesting that during the 1930s all of the major powers had governments which were essentially personality cults dominated by men who started out as populists then degenerated into expansionist megalomaniac control freaks.

            BTW the rifle the commisar is sporting in the poster looks like an old Tsarist Berdan from the 1870s. But I was expecting you guys to have more fun with the 1940s GI ‘VD is not V’ poster.

          • aethon says:


            But we’re commies ;A;

  6. shampoo says:

    Strike witches fucking where

  7. Lurker says:

    Thanks for your hard work guys, had i any experience in these kinda things or the free time i would have volunteered.

  8. el_d00d says:

    You guys sub too much anime, are you a quantity over quality group? Lots of v2, feedback on your translation according to myanimelist is very negative.

    • aethon says:

      v2 for perfectionist anality


      >feedback on mal

      generally butthurt weeaboos over licensed sub rips (God knows why), who haven’t bothered to actually watch the release.

  9. GSO says:

    Oh me! mememe pick me!

  10. hotchoc says:

    @el_d00d: The v2 make them special, not to mention that they actually fix their things unlike several others I have seen. And we all love special people don’t we.

    But seriously, get women! Nothing can be done without women.. и водка, много водки!!

    • IGChris says:

      Dude, we now have no less than 3 women in the group now. MIND BLOWING.

      • hotchoc says:

        Damn, that is like almost near 75% of them all on the whole internetz there, serious business. Its like you all are taking over the world!

  11. Jaiden says:

    …I’ve got a badass computer with the only negative thing about it being that it has a shitty graphics card…..

  12. clesque says:

    I’m curious about how good of a computer and internet connection you guys are talking about.

  13. nori says:

    “You might even learn to encode!”

    You idiots should never try to teach anyone to encode.

  14. rasetten says:

    I’ve got a few fabulously overpowered multicore computers. However I don’t think my internet connection is quite up to your expectations.

    Well, I should say more accurately it probably is, but I’m not sure I’d want it being used fully all day long. It puts a damper on the gaming in the evening hours you know? ;)

    Wouldn’t it just be faster to encode them locally?

    • aethon says:

      we’ve got a combination of bad computers and/or internet, lol. servers usually serve as a mid-way point for us to crank out work on, so :faster:.

  15. ridwan says:

    is it a clue?

  16. PETA says:

    FlagFox puts you in Houston. Did you ever consider using a seedbox for your output based somewhere innocuous like in the Ukraine (which is what Furk.net uses). Have to agree with @rasetten and admit that I wouldn’t relish the idea of leaving machines up and vulnerable and advertising IPs 24/7 around here in the Southeast either. What would be the collective cost for using remote servers?

    • aethon says:

      we’re not really worried about distro more than we are about obtaining computers that can roll out encodes to the distroboxes at speed–fast encodes, and fast transfer times.

      typical unmetered i7s running windows (linux encoding is borked) typically costs ~$100 a month, counting hidden fees, etc.

  17. Mr Hanky says:

    I got a pretty damn good computer, if you guys need use of it. I don’t even do enough shit to max it out.

  18. Ace of Aces says:

    If u guys need a timer then i could probrably help~ ^^

  19. aers says:

    Stove is a Bad Person.

  20. scizzer12 says:

    I’ll time for you but the scripts I can only do between 1 and 5 a week (I also scanlate + irl commitments)

  21. Snark says:

    I’m up for timing if you’re still hiring

  22. PLH says:

    Exactly HOW cursory a knowledge of Aegisub?

    • RHExcelion says:

      You know what it is.

      • PLH says:

        I’ve just started using it three days ago, timed three episodes of SB2 as practice, my fastest time is about an hour for SB2 – 03, which is like 180 lines (Didn’t do OP/ED or the advertisement at the end), just learned about Timing Post Processor maybe 5 minutes ago, I’m bored and have a lot of free time on my hands. Do I qualify? :3