Recruiting octopus

Are you an octopus? Can you use a computer? If so, we want YOU to join Commie so we can teach you how to fansub.

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66 Responses to “Recruiting octopus”

  1. Noxshade says:

    I am not a octopus, but I am working to overcome my crippling disability of not having eight limbs or being able to change colors.
    Are you accepting octopi-in-training?

  2. Capt. Curious says:

    Are there any other requirements that we should know about? Like maybe an octopus that has 15 or more tentacles?

  3. Demandred says:

    You know, I googled “commie subs” just now, and the first result was an addiction crisis help website for opiate addicts. Weird. I’m afraid I’m not an octopus, but if you guys are ever in need of a wicked fast computer to do some work, you can drop me a line.

    • nx6 says:

      Ironically goggling just “commie” would have given you what you wanted (after the prerequisite dictionary listing for commie above the search results).

    • vjott says:

      Hmmm…Google tries to customise your search results based on data they collect from your search history and websites visited…if you’re logged in, of course. So if that was the first result for you…

  4. not an octopus says:

    Are you taking squids?

  5. herkz says:

    i dont have 8 limbs but i do have a rather large penis

  6. chinja777 says:

    How about squid girls?

  7. Nasu says:

    I happen to be an expert on this subject.

  8. JokersJist says:

    I’m not an octopus, I’m a cow god XD. Unfortunately I know no japanese really :(.

  9. XerBlade says:

    I may not be an octopus per se, but I did have a staring contest with a dead one this one time. Same thing, right?

  10. anggie_yougayme says:

    define “use a computer”

  11. AMg says:

    Vacancy for Tentacle rape? o_O;

  12. random says:

    I’m only half octopus. What I mean is that I only have 4 tentacles. Am I still eligible?

  13. Rekyuke says:

    I have seen enough Hentai to know where this is going!

  14. BeaTz says:

    I’m Mr. Octopus son…
    I work with computer but not good with Japanese…XD

  15. Writer says:

    Hmmmm, i do fit all of the above….

  16. Squid says:

    Sorry, but I’m a squid.

  17. BionicTurtle says:

    It is a life long goal of mine to be an octopus that uses computers. So far no luck, stuck being a human with computers.

  18. Mashin says:

    I once had eight arms. However, one day, while playing a truth or dare with my cephalopod friends, one of them dared me to go tease Alphonse, a white shark. The resulting shenanigans ended with me losing most of my arms. I’m left with only two of them now. ._.

  19. kevin says:

    i am an octopus.

  20. waqasj says:

    Not an octopus but definitely am as addictive as one.

  21. banecas says:

    Not an octopus but I can use a computer.

  22. Csiko says:

    >you will never be a Communist octopus on a computer, editing subs ;_;


  23. Kevin says:

    I use to have eight tentacles but i lost all of them when I tried to use alchemy to bring back my dead brother back to life. Now i only have 2 arms and legs. but im still willing to be a commie-tako

  24. Krag says:

    Yes. Yes. I am.

  25. E3 foundation says:

    I like Luka. Does that count?

  26. GxS says:

    I don’t know any Japanese but I do have an interest in becoming a timer (probably the most tedious and boring job ever”).

    • Xythar says:

      Come to #commie-subs on and message RHExcelion for an internship application.

  27. Balto says:

    can I mention that Paul is the best octupus you will get for this job, seriously h predicts whats going to be hot or not and he demands no money only food

  28. Mazhilalon says:

    I don’t know Japanese except some words but I’m interested to learn and maybe do fansubbing or at least some part of it.

  29. WarLock says:

    I`m making a cloud encoder, maybe its useful…
    I`ll tell when its ready.

  30. onisama says:

    Eight limbs: NA
    9 brains: NA
    multi-pigmented skin:WTF?

    but i am ready to sub for anime!

  31. Taoko says:

    I am octopus!
    And I can into computers… I mean, I’ve just written this!

  32. felixmegion says:

    willing to be mutated into an octopus so I can pass the requirements.

  33. Azalir says:

    Perfect, I just so happen to be an octopus masquerading as a human.
    Just call me Octodad!

  34. Rise-chan says:

    Must the applicants know Japanese in order to sign up?

  35. synd says:

    I’m only an octopus when it’s time for tentacle rape.
    Anyway, call me, my tentacle is huuuge.

  36. T000ast says:

    So where do we sign up?

  37. OCTO! says:

    This is a trap i have proof pic related

  38. erejnion says:

    I am the eight son of the eight son of the eight son. Is this good enough?

  39. Squidward says:

    I was fired from the Krusty Krab for not giving any tips customers gave to the boss. Well as long as I don’t have to work with that wretched sponge, I’m as happy as Neptune!

    Is it fine if I’m a squid and not an octopus? Here’s a picture of me during my handsome days.

  40. Tyrone the Jellyfish says:

    I am a Jellyfish. I understand that I am not of Octopus level but is there any job at all I could apply for? It’s my understanding that QC’s are at the bottom of the totem pole. I know I’m at least two levels above them.

  41. me octopus, me learn to type for commie -___- me work -.-

  42. DLG1210 says:

    Unlike many of the fine *gentleman* here, I am an octopus that is fully capable of tentacle rape and interested in what you are saying.
    So, where do I sign up?

  43. Sortvind says:

    It would be nice to give something back and to learn the actual works that goes on behind fansubs.

    since the requirements are a bit vague, other than the fact that you prefer me to be red and slimy, i am not sure i have the skills, but im a fast learner.

  44. risingshinigami says:

    what all are yall looking for?