Recruiting Timers

Somehow we managed to get a metric fuckton of editors, so we need timers now.

Main job will be to time the typed up FUNI subs for Five Leaves and Yojouhan on Friday mornings (Japan time).

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12 Responses to “Recruiting Timers”

  1. alex says:

    Oh hai, I upgraded your Yojouhan with TS epeen: http://pastebin.com/hVqZ2jW4
    And BTW, any ETA on Five Leaves ep2?

  2. Mari Asakura says:

    Hey guys, can you upload Five Leaves 2 subs only? I download you version of the episode from nyaatorrents, but the subs aren’t showing in any media player I have.

  3. Mari Asakura says:

    …I’ll just wait some reencoded mp4/rmvb from other sites then, my internet sux.

  4. Puraisu-kun says:

    Hey if you guys are still looking for a timer, I’ve been looking for a group to join for awhile. I can do both pre-timing and fine-timeing (post timing) and I’m pretty good about not falling off the face of the earth.

  5. `nishi says:

    I’ll help out with timming and typesetting, find me lurking around on irc =P