Recruiting Translator(s)

Things that need to be translated:
Horizon BD specials (mostly kanji, text on screen)
Various OVAs/movies that nobody has subbed yet
Other various things such as checking translation accuracy at editor’s request
Shows next season

You should be:
Pretty fluent in Japanese
Online a lot so we can annoy you with questions all day

Interested parties should email

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16 Responses to “Recruiting Translator(s)”

  1. aqe says:



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  3. visitor says:

    Is Magic Tree House one of the movies mentioned above that “no one has subbed yet”? I really hope it is. I have seen not a scrap of it online and would love to see a 720p Commie release. *goes back to lurking*

  4. diesus says:

    Haha. Seconded on the ジャパニーズ error. LOL

  5. Anonymous says:

    Horizon is so moe.