Recruiting Translators

To apply, email

You should be of an agreeable disposition, available regularly, and able to turn Japanese into English.

You can choose what shows you want to translate, but oftentimes you’ll just be asked to fill in on shows that need translating but don’t yet have translations.

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47 Responses to “Recruiting Translators”

  1. Vale says:

    Yeah, please save Nanu and me from being worked to death.

  2. Fag It says:

    Hope everything worked out with the octopus recruitment, I hear those guys can be slippery.

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  4. ner says:

    Shining Hearts??? sorry
    When you show the first episode

  5. galeli says:

    Is this why Last Exile is delayed so?

  6. 1018667 says:

    would help, but don’t have the time atm, especially with finals coming up. After that goin Japan for two months, but come July, if your still in need….maybe.

  7. Dark_Sage says:

    I think I know what a neko is. Can I be a translator?

  8. William H. C. says:

    If you want this choice position
    Have a cheery disposition
    Rosy cheeks, no warts!
    Play games, all sort

  9. I DREAM OF RAIN says:

    maria where kthx

  10. st0rax says:

    I would like to try translating, so contact me. Raised trilingual, so I guess it should not pose a real problem. Please supply anything I need, thanks.


  11. Levi says:

    Hi,I’m sorry but i didn’t see a topic to do requests in your blog so i decided to leave a comment here…I’m sorry if is the wrong section and i don’t know if you to accept a request but but I decided to try the same. I would like to ask if you can do the ova of Holy Knight, the project has 2 ova and the first ova is out

    Torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=307104

    Here is the raw, the story is very nice and since you prefer to do ova that serie anime, I thought that you would like this ^^

    Holy Knight
    Plot: Mizumura Shinta is a plain undergraduate student. One day, he meets a transfer student from Romania, Kishimoto Lilith. She is a half human and half vampire. Through the life with Lilith, he knows the secret of his birth. He is the sole descendant of the Romuald clan, the vampire hunters.

    Type: OVA
    Episodes: 2
    Status: Currently Airing
    Aired: Mar 21, 2012 to Apr 27, 2012
    Producers: None found, add some.
    Genres: Ecchi, Fantasy, Supernatural
    Duration: 30 min.
    Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity

    are you interested?
    (For now i don’t know other group that have the intention of to do sub of this project so i hope that you can do this.

    However thanks for all work because I watch many of your anime and are very nice. Thanks.
    I wait a your answer. Bye.

    • herkz says:




      • Levi says:

        Yes, the ova is ecchi, But perhaps High school DxD is worse as nudity XD…or they are on the same level so I tried to propose it,because until now no group has at least going to do it that I know However, looking at the first ova had no all this nudity…High School DxD had a lot more, and more explicit…So I would know if the Commie Subs are interested to do it ^^

  12. Levi says:

    *Here is the raw, the story is very nice and since you prefer to do ova that serie anime, I thought that you would like this ^^

    I’m sorry i wanted to write:
    Here is the raw, the story is very nice and since you like to do subs, I thought that you would like this…

    I prefer the ova sometimes (not you, sorry XD), but lately I also love the anime

  13. JinXiang says:

    Who’s the translator for Accel World? Basic requirement is to be able to translate Japanese to English right?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      We’re ripping the subs off Hulu I believe, so whoever tl’d it for them. And yeah, J > E (while not sucking at either or both) is pretty much the only requirement.

    • herkz says:

      Viz Media.

      • JinXiang says:

        U mean you guys just copied the whole sub from hulu? No wonder there’s some translation error at hulu is spotted at the same scene from the video that is uploaded here lol.

  14. Mystic Bear says:

    The title says: Commie Fansub in Brazil!
    Ah, commie fansub, is now in Brazil!

    He said that you guys offered him that, and he is very proud.

    Wow. Just wow.