Recruitment Drive – Fall 2012

[Fugiman] rhe find more timers so I can stop working on all these shit shows

We’re looking for new timing and typesetting interns due to everyone being lazy all of a sudden.

For more information, visit the recruitment page.

This is the questionnaire people are asked to fill out when they apply:

To make this more streamlined, fill that out and email it to .
Be on IRC and include your handle in the application.

If you don’t receive a reply, assume the worst. Feel free to apply again if you’ve done so before, but understand that unless your answers to those questions have drastically changed, you probably won’t be accepted again.

Good luck!

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16 Responses to “Recruitment Drive – Fall 2012”

  1. Pinkerton says:

    If we currently work for another group, would it be possible to get a spot, or is that a no-no like last time?

  2. CaeX says:

    Those questions are amazing

  3. Dark_Sage says:

    RHE girlfriend recruitment drive more like.

  4. Petrushka says:

    I think that nigger is cool