Recruitment for next season (Summer 2010)

Listen up, the main thing a show needs to get subbed is a Translator. Normally we use Funi or CR to take care of that, but we want to sub other shows too, and so we need translators. You people that speak Japanese out there, pick a show, Translate it for us weekly (type everything up in Engrish in your favorite text editor, easy enough) and deliver it.

Here are the summer shows. Pick one. Sub it. ENJOY LIFE AS YOU’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE.


Know Japanese enough to produce decent translations. By decent I mean you don’t need to consult a dictionary every line.

Translate rather quickly loljk it’s not like the rest of us are any faster.


IRC is a must. The ideal candidate spends the majority of his day at the computer.


Respect from all your bro’s on IRC (=epeen)
Feel good about yourself (kinda like charity but without feeling bad because you’re helping dirty niggers)(=selfpeen)

(Protip: Fansubbers don’t look like that but w/e)

SIGN UP NOW: Click the IRC link under the banner. Choose a nickname. Hit Connect. Talk to us!

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23 Responses to “Recruitment for next season (Summer 2010)”

  1. Tiggerz says:

    Bonus Reward: Free Cheesecakie [occasionally]…

  2. Unellymay says:

    Where is Tatami?

  3. burninblubabe says:

    Dirty niggers? Really? That’s supposed to be funny? I guess that comment only exposes the low IQ that can produce that statement.

  4. commander`A says:


  5. The Magnificent Trollface says:

    How’bout finishing ALL the backlog you have first?

  6. Loli Moe Mahjong! says:

    everyone knows that all the leeching community are dirty niggers `.~

  7. Lithium says:

    Fuck next season!!… why don’t you dweebs finish House of 5 Leaves first…. pleeease!!

    I’m sick of watching those LQ BigPancake rips

  8. Unellymay says:

    Imma get to learning Moonspeak btw

  9. generic internet whiner says:

    Get to finishing DRRR!! first, can’t be that hard.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Did you not see my TT post. It takes me fucking hours for an episode of Drrr.

      • some random faggot says:

        >takes me fucking hours

        more like 3 weeks.

        eh, i remember commie being fast and releasing in a day after CR airing. what happened?

        • RHExcelion says:

          Yeah that’s back when we had MORE STAFF. Now it’s just me trying to balance my life between DotA, MMOs, research, and fansubbing. In that order.

  10. KFH says:

    I can wait for episodes, I would rather wait patiently for heroman and house of five leaves than watch anything funimation or cruchyroll subtitles.

  11. beby says:



  12. faggot from the commieland says:

    looks like a lot of shows got simulcasted this season. what are you planning to do _FAST_ this time?

    but before starting anything, please finish your backlog (人・_・)

  13. hellknight says:

    please subbed the opening song and ending song thank you!!!

  14. lovelyidol says:

    Hi, I have been watching animes for almost 5 years. I understand Japanese but cannot read it, unfortunately. But if you need a person to translate the dialouge, please contact me by email, [email protected]