Recruitment Results (Late)

Timers: 1
Applicants: Like 5?
Welcome to the team, Pure. (Except he’s been here for a few weeks already)

Editors: 0
Applicants: Another 20ish (like last time)

Editors that passed the fucking huge test last time: -maybe- 2
They’ve been notified. I’ll announce it if they accept.

Typesetters: 0
Applicants: 2-3
This one was kinda unfair, although not many people applied anyways.


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11 Responses to “Recruitment Results (Late)”

  1. Fanofde4ever says:

    So I failed? *sniff* I think I’m gonna cry. TIGGERZ SAVE YOURSELF FOR ME!!!!!

  2. J says:

    Aw, that means I failed the editors test twice.

  3. The pride…she is overwhelming.

  4. Ollielufti says:

    My first time seeing this, how does one apply to be a typesetter?

    • RHExcelion says:

      >Ok, so download [Commie] The World God Only Knows – 01 [476E9732].​mkv and TS signs from the script. Commented signs are the most important, TS’ing half of them well may be enough to impress me.
      But srsly I don’t think anyone will pass this test, I’ve just put it up because RHE asked me to ( ゚◡◡゚)

      • Ollielufti says:

        The link you provided:
        gave me an error page. I’m assuming that was the link where the episode and script could be downloaded. If it is then is there another ddl or torrent of it, or should I download the one from nyaa torrents?

  5. muizz93 says:

    i’m been thinking, can i apply to be a timer?