Sailor Moon Crystal 04


herkz: holy shit this episode looks so bad toei why

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20 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal 04”

  1. Axiom says:

    How goes Hanamonogatari?

  2. two says:

    Captain Earth? ;_;

  3. taz says:

    They’re putting their poorer animators on this one. It goes to show how much they like this show.

    Or maybe this is to help train a bunch of newbies they picked up recently?
    Newbs gotta start somewhere to accumulate EXP.

  4. donjuan says:

    This was episode 22 in the first sailor moon.

    • two says:

      That happens when you want to make 26 episodes out of the 200 episodes from the original show :V

  5. bbo says:

    >so bad toei why

    They blew their budget on the intro and the first 3 episodes.