Seedbox-tan onegai

We’re looking for someone to provide us with a server (Windows, preferably, for RDP) that we can offload releases to for seeding. And maybe run a FTP for the staff off of.

Leave a comment below if you think you can be the abovementioned generous person.

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14 Responses to “Seedbox-tan onegai”

  1. merx says:

    I’ve got a server, but its actually just a lunix box running minecraft in my basement~

  2. Franc[e]sco says:

    hey, I know you’re busy but… any news on maria holic? if you’re dopping it please say it clearly so that I can look for another group

  3. aww ._. says:

    Ima wondering bout
    Asobi ni Iku yo! Asobi ni Oide (OVA)
    ya gonna sub it / working on it / or not planning to do? D:

  4. Tukurai says:

    What are the requirements for upload and such? I have some servers at home that i am not using right now, and next month ill be building a new one to replace them all. I could help out, but i don’t know for how long.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Doesn’t really matter as long as long as you don’t mind us pushing 100GB-300GB a day on it.

      • Tukurai says:

        I would help you out, but ill need to go over the details first, where and when can i contact you?

  5. ot4ku says:

    wherey sour FACEBOOK page, we need a like button :))) like doki fansubs is doing it

  6. randomfag says:

    fucking niggas can’t even shimasu.

  7. obliviouz says:

    Support Commie (June)
    We use this money to pay for our server which is used for encoding, hosting xdcc bots, and seeding torrents. Donation goal for Maria: Met
    $ 367 / 180 raised

    Use this money you asshats.

  8. merx says:

    Ah dammit now I’m looking at seedboxes. This is almost as bad as my three-month newegg shopping spree. I NEED MORE SHIT

  9. BigHH says:

    I agree with obliviouz that you should use that money for the server or at least use the remaining $187 towards the July donation goal.

    • RHExcelion says:

      That money went to paying back for a server bill months ago we didn’t have enough donations for.

      I would also like to have enough money to cover for a month in advance, in case that happens again.