SLOW CrunchyRoll Ripping Groups

What’s the point?

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13 Responses to “SLOW CrunchyRoll Ripping Groups”

  1. boneknocker says:

    I really hope you could make the batch torrents of Natsu no Arashi S1 with episode 1.


  2. mymazdatribute says:

    well, zero raws posted an animaxhd h264 raw of about 380mb…. just saying… Its on the tosho shortly after your post…. maybe HQ?

  3. cryptw says:

    I only encode from transport streams.

  4. mymazdatribute says:

    PS terribad was nice. Thank you.

  5. boneknocker says:

    Hmmmm are you mean you will not release the HQ version later ?

    Or I just misunderstand some thing ?

  6. cryptw says:

    I will release it when the transport stream becomes available.

  7. Anon says:

    Why release Weiss (v2) and not seed it?