Sophistory 2

Nisemonogatari 2
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Due to disagreements over the English title we’ve decided to change it every episode.

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  1. Ferekk says:

    Thank you so much for releasing, was waiting eagerly for it :3

  2. What says:



    • - says:

      Oh crap. I was waiting for this cause my internet is slow as fuck.

    • StubbsiBoy says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. Answers?

      • KKRais says:

        CRF 18 on this episode vs. CRF 20 on the first. Also, this episode wasn’t quite as compressible as the first.

    • aoat says:

      What I’m wondering is why this is 720p-only. Unlike most currently-airing shows, there IS a 1080p source available for 偽物語.

      • implyingthings says:

        What I’m wondering is why you want there to be crappy upscales.

        • The know you more says:

          it’s actually not, if you had seen the side by side comparison you’d know

          • implyingthings says:

            Except the shows are broadcast in 720p, hence still upscales.

            • aoat says:

              Television broadcasts are 720p, but Crunchyroll has 1080p streams now. They’re encoding from 1080p sources provided by the studios.

              • Break says:

                still worse than what fansubebrs provide, because CR doesnt clean or encode their vids, while fansubbers usually do that.

                • aoat says:

                  To me, CR’s looks crisper with fewer artifacts than Commie’s 720p, though they still have banding issues with dark scenes. The saturation and luminance are markedly different: CR looks better on my colorimeter-calibrated monitor, while Commie’s is better at factory defaults. It’s a tradeoff, but until the BDs hit I’m keeping CR for overall video quality (AND Commie for their additional typesetting and QC work).

                  I’m not sure what you mean when you say CR doesn’t encode, since their videos are encoded in h264. Unless they get them that way and the studios handle encoding?

                • StubbsiBoy says:

                  I don’t know, man. CR have been stepping it up in vid quality itself recently. Some 1080p looks shit but from what I’ve seen, Nisemonogatari looks super in 1080p.

  3. heroe says:

    Gracias – thank-you – arigato
    You guys are doing a great job!

  4. Ecits says:

    There seems to be a lot of artifacts in the OP.

  5. random says:

    sophistory sonds horrible
    thx though

  6. Progeusz says:

    >Due to disagreements over the English title we’ve decided to change it every episode.

    That’s Commie for you. Win.

  7. trololololo says:

    next week


    calling it now

  8. romulus says:

    Disagreements over the english title?? Just be faithful to your own translation and call it IMPOSTORY.

    This is a rare case when the 2 blended Japanese words can fit together again after translating them to English.

    Thanks for your work!

  9. onisama says:

    this isn’t a 10bit encode isn’t it?

  10. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much… in regards to title… I think “Impostory” is my favorite and would be a great title translation… but alas… I am only one…

    Thanks for your hard work! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

  11. Niku says:

    It’s appropriate to keep changing the title as that’s something Nisioisin would do himself.

  12. Alex says:

    Great! Thanks Commie :D

  13. Me says:

    What does sophistory mean?
    Got “story” but “sophi”?

    What translation of 偽物 goes to a word “sophi~”?

  14. Safat says:

    Great work with the translation and the signs, but I have to admit the artifacting in the OP is really jarring.

  15. yo says:

    You guys are kinda awesome~!

  16. What says:

    What IS the argument for ‘Sophistory’?

    The title’s ‘Nisemono’ was used to emphasize how Araragi called his sisters fake deliverers of justice (imposters). Maybe you could say the later villain is full of sophistry, but it still doesn’t fit with the theme of the series.

  17. mascthemoney says:

    nobody mentioned how fucking awesome it’s going to be having nadeko_v2 for the rest of the series.

  18. Alteration says:

    >The black swindler Kaiki Deishu, who once deceived Hitagi, returns to town and spreads the incantation which cursed Nadeko before.


  19. Alteration says:

    Either way seems fine.

    Sophistory seems more ‘accurate’, but who the fuck uses ‘sophist’?

    Impostory isn’t exactly right, but it sure as hell looks, reads, and goes farther (it’s just impostor + y)

  20. samdidliambo says:

    It seems like every last character in the show is a sophist – most of the dialog *is* “clever but false arguments”, and has been since season 1.

    I assume the title refers to the sisters, and their “fake” hero routine. As convenient as “Impostory” is, they aren’t really pretending to be anyone else.

    In the end, I guess there’s no clear choice.

    • trololololo says:

      Considering this is nisioisin, there’s probably more than the seemingly obvious who.

      And no, I haven’t read the novel but it’s too naive to say the whole title refer to his sister or the villain.

  21. What says:

    The use of ‘Sophist’ is to move away from the source light novel itself.Yes, Kaiki IS a sophist, but that doesn’t mean the entire story is about sophistry.

    If one has read the light novels, one could figure out how this is more about his sisters being ‘fake’ on not just being the fake deliverers of justice.

    I won’t spoil the light novel, but if one read the second part of Nisemonogatari, one would see how much ‘Impostory’ actually fits.

  22. ondi says:

    It keeps crashing at 22:40, Chapter: ED ;o. Never happened before.

  23. nx6 says:

    In Commie Nisemonogatari, the Monkey spanks YOU!

    Sorry, couldn’t that pun pass unused given what happened at Kanbaru’s house.

    Oh, and this kept crashing for me, too. In the OP. But only when I played it on Zoom Player, MPC was able to get through it fine.

  24. asdf says:

    i has a smart now

  25. not anon says:

    vote for Impostory

  26. Kinoko says:

    “Doki still sucks”

    I didn’t realize you had a problem with Doki. That was pretty sneaky though.