Spring Recruitment

Next season is going to be a big one. Recruitment starts now.

Shows we’re going to sub (with or without your help, preferably with):

Hidan no Aria
The World God Only Knows 2
Maria+Holic 2
Lotte no Omocha!


Cappers: It would make it a hell of a lot more convenient if someone capped for us.

Editors: Your choice of show, first come first served.
Notes: S;G is rather sciency (AKA you should know what a “world line” is), M+H is :WORDS: and you need to have seen the first season (and enjoyed it).

Editor Test
Hint: Make it English. ENGLISH I TELL YOU.

Translator(s): We’re actually pretty much set on translators considering half of these shows are probably going to be simulcasted, but an additional translator to help with kanji (especially in M+H) might be useful.

Translator Test (TBD)

Timers: We’re going to recruit timers until there’s at least two available on in the staff channel 24/7.

Timing Test
Hint: Use TPP, check for scenebleeds. One bleed and you fail.

Email is
Inbox awaiting replies.

Our generous webmaster has decided to discontinue funding this operation through his own servers due to financial and (possible) legal risk. Thus we moved hosting over to NT and as a result are even more DMCA-proof.
Big shoutout to him, running this site for a year and a half couldn’t have been cheap (none of the donation money went to him, it goes to the encoding server [speaking of which we are running rather low]). He’ll continue maintaining the site.

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41 Responses to “Spring Recruitment”

  1. Myself says:

    “Lines like these come up all the time. Provide one or two synonyms that people would actually say…
    It can’t be helped.”

    You mean people don’t actually say that in real life?

  2. KayDat says:

    TL Note: TPP means “Timing Post Processor”.

  3. Ollielufti says:

    Where is the editor test? If it’s the synonym test then surely thats not fair as people can see other peoples answers in the reply.

  4. Whelk says:

    I know it’s not mentioned, but any chance you’re still recruiting typists?

  5. Cool Guy says:

    >Commie doing a fucking awesome Yui Haga work


  6. Arnavion says:

    Question! Do editors work with the TLed script only? Or do they get to hear the original jp audio too (as in, do you make the video available to editors for reference)? I ask because it’s kind of hard to understand the context of the dialogues in the editor’s test but I don’t know if that’s just because I fail at editing.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      editors who are already editing have the choice either way. for the test though there’s no video because it’s not all one episode.

    • Tiggerz says:

      Since it is a test to gauge your English editing skills it stands to reason that, regardless of context, if you have an appropriate grasp of the language, you should be able to edit the given text into grammatically correct English while still maintaining the written context. ie. Treat it as a terrible English paper that you, the great English scholar, must now edit in our wonderful mother tongue…

      Of course, contextual errors due to lack of video would be taken into consideration, but all that is moot if you cannot even fix the written portion to begin with…

  7. Zaton says:


    How the fuck do you guys make those emotes ?

    Also, what level of retardation is allowed while applying for editor. Cause i am considering it.

    • RHExcelion says:

      ┐( ¯‿¯)┌ Start making your own list of them

      Enough to turn engrish into English.

  8. The dutch guy says:

    Is there a dealine? Final date to submision.

    And when can we expect results? hope not many months after like the last mass reqruitment….

  9. yanderelicious says:

    I did apply as a timer before. IIRC it was fall season recruitment haven’t seen a reply through mail D:

  10. Z says:

    i’m interested in doing editor for commie.

    however, i can’t do the test as i’m hearing impaired…any other way of doing it?

    • Fera says:

      > editor test

      > reading and writing

      > can’t do test because hearing impaired

      I’m sorry, what?

      (Also, add Dog Days to the list)

  11. aww ._. says:

    Ano.. When final 2 eps of bouncy Asobi commin’ out? ^_^

    Keep up the gōōd work D: ō.ō

  12. Vale says:

    I’d like to apply as translator.

  13. Xenoperi says:

    Yo! Just doubling checking on your date… Was this posted in Jan then bammed into March?

  14. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeerp says:

    hi so what happened to server dude, are you recruiting one now he’s gone?

  15. Touma180 says:

    are you will complete asobi ni ikuyo? we will waiting

  16. degesu says:

    Do the OAD(s) for season 1 of god only knows first.

  17. Pride says:

    God, the people you guys are having to deal with… just wow. Non-native speakers aside, how can communication in written English really be so problematic? ~.~

  18. Noko says:

    Any need of a TLC?