stons;gote decide this

Okoron ware is yoer fone

[This post is the result of boredom and IRC. Stay in school, kids.]

being jelyman is suffering…

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16 Responses to “stons;gote decide this”

  1. Elite_Soba says:


  2. airco says:

    ( ´_ゝ`)

  3. KKRais says:

    hocking tuturu gote

  4. Sword of Retribution says:




    Where you fuckers?


  5. Horo says:

    Being time traveller is suffering

  6. Clumpy says:

    Being Hooin Kyuma is suffering

  7. bob says:

    why did the time traveler jump across the street?

    to prevent his FAAAAAIL

  8. d says:

    Remember all that QUALITY in the latest episode of Maria?

    …me neither.

  9. Fag It says:

    This is what happens when you spend your nights spelunking the catacombs of cyberspace for an IBM 5100 and the ghost of John Titor.

  10. D_P says:

    Lol. It also happened with Hanasaku Iroha and Denpa Onna.

  11. O says:

    Whatever happened to Marias:Gate?


  12. librarian says:

    HORRIBLE SUBS STILL RULES. poor commie fags, trying so hard but epic fail

  13. Basement Dad says:

    stons; Gote? Lol wot?
    Too moch Woll Smoth, O goss?

  14. erejnion says:

    I love how Maria 3 has been stuck on 99% for the past 10 days. It’s like Commie is running on Windows, despite being… commie… sorry for the bad pun.