Summer 2011 Recruitment

We’re looking for:

Note: new position available
Note: I noted your note and made a note.
Note: Yo dawg, I heard you liked notes, so I put a note in your notes so you can notify people while you’re notifying people.

some (some) Timer(s) that are in atimezonetheothersaren’tin

That would be somewhere east of the Ural Mountains and west of the Bering Strait.
This assumes you’re online in your normal waking hours. If you’re a nocturnal American, feel free to apply.

You must:
1. Be online the majority of the time you’re awake. Not having a life helps here
2. Not have craptastic internet. This is a hard one since the region specified is filled with third-world countries
3. Speak good, comprehensible, American English
4. Pass the timer test, the personality test, and the personal-personality test.

There’s a very nice and thorough timing guide now up on the Guides page.

The timer test can be found here:

EDIT: Nobody has passed this season yet.

The other tests will be administered upon the successful completion of the previous.

Other miscellaneous positions we’re willing to accept:
If applying for any of these, just email

Some Translator(s) that –
Translate songs, movies, and random OVAs etc during the season. You might not have a show to actually translate since >simulcast and >doing9001showsaseasonisn’tasfunasIthought

We could use an extra translator for bakatest s2.

A Capper
Yes one would be really nice

A Server guy that –
Provides a server to host an XDCC bot on. 100/100mbps internet and 500GB of disk space minimum. If you haven’t noticed our XDCC bots really love to implode on themselves.

<&Arnavion> We want the projects page to list releases along with torrent (and DDL if available) links for each of the episodes (XDCC links are a bonus) as well as batches (basically everything that’s available, you get the picture). The site is obviously WordPress, so PHP is required. We currently don’t have any sort of database to store the torrent/DDL URLs so your job will include making this DB as well as a front-end to input/edit this info.
<&Arnavion> Put that

Clarification: it must work in Firefox 3.5.6

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35 Responses to “Summer 2011 Recruitment”

  1. Zan says:

    Did they ever pass?

    • RHExcelion says:

      You see how we’re not looking for editors anymore? Yeah we kinda hired too many last time.

  2. Qc says:

    maybe people would work for you if you finish projects…

  3. bautrey says:

    I’m a nocturnal American so i’ll be applying :D

  4. Ender says:

    I would help with the server, since I have the space & the box, but my interwebs is craptastic :(. Love the subs, keep up the good work.

  5. Arnavion says:

    3. Speak good, comprehensible, American/English < FTFY

  6. M00Tnotreally says:


  7. Heavyoak says:

    Translator: nope, my japanese an’t that good.

    Capper: what is this I dont even.

    Server guy: I build servers but not that kind.

    point of post: I have no life and nothing to do other than teh vidia.

    I also have a degree in English study’s.

    got anything else you need doing?

  8. Oneechan says:

    Just throwing this out here for next season: you should add a search feature, or a main page, for your projects. Hunting down old shows this way is a real pain.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Considering doing some kind of projects page overhaul but no one’s willing to do the code.

      • Oneechan says:

        I would offer, but, sadly, coding isn’t my forte…
        Also, I just realized I could use nyaa to find older series.

        I-it’s not like I wanted to help you… it’s just that I have nothing else to do. BAKA.

      • kliqIMB says:

        Why do you even need legit coding for the projects section? All you need is three pages: Completed, Ongoing, Planned (I guess you could have Dropped as well, but that’s pretty dumb considering if you dropped a show I doubt anyone gives a shit enough to download your episodes). Then in each section a simply cookie cutter layout of the shows. Picture, description, title, etc. then just compile all the links together underneath. Wash, rinse, repeat. You’ve got a fucking huge amount of shows so it’d take a while based on content alone. The design itself wouldn’t take that long and hardly any coding at all if this site works like a normal WordPress site. I can’t think of a reason why you’d need to know any PHP at all.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          Because that will take up way too much space. What I’m thinking of will be pretty much invisible until it’s needed/used.

          • kliqIMB says:

            Ahh, I think I know what you’re going for and if this was two years ago when I was a Comp Sci major I probably could’ve done it. But I’ve since lost most of my coding knowledge as it’s fallen into disuse. (That and I wasn’t terribly good at it to begin with, hence why I switched majors.) Though and even easier way would be to just have each anime have a banner than when clicked took you to another page with just a list of links. Simple, concise, and the only drawback would be having a ton of new pages. Sorry I couldn’t more help with your idea though.

      • Gaku says:

        Start using other tags than “bread links”.

  9. anon says:

    Speaks gud english bcuz I aints gunna deal that crap, don’t tell me you’re studying’s it either!!


    These guys..

  10. kyonyUU says:

    I can TL OVAs, songs, and stuff, but not a series because of too much :effort:.
    English=good enough.
    Japanese= native.
    emailed RHE some time ago.

  11. Larnu says:

    Would anyone mind putting the file on a Depositfile? For some reason my ISp is currently blocking MediaFile, FileSonic, megaupload and Hotfile. It’s annoying the HELL out of me… Literlaly going to have to complain soon.

  12. Aden Kaye says:

    I’d love to apply since i live in the required timezone and i am proficient at english but sad to say half of my day is spent on my classes.

    If you would have recruited me a month earlier then i would have taken the job neverthless good luck on finding a good timer.

  13. Mariya says:

    Hey could you guys rip and release Maria Holic Alive 12? HS doesn’t seem to feel like doing it anytime soon. Just a straight rip is fine, no editing needed.

  14. beno says:


  15. Larnu says:

    Is recruiting still open for this? Finally got my ISP to sort of the DNS lookup issues, so I got the file.

  16. anon says:

    You already got one new timer on IRC, are you still recruiting? Tried the timing test quite some time ago (although I’m pretty sure I’ll fail the timing test anyway).

  17. OtaK says:

    Pity I don’t have any time these Holidays, as I’m working currently as a developer.

    Maybe later if the position is still open ;)

  18. Mukrov says:

    Assuming you’re still recruting I’m willing to help. I’m rusty since I haven’t timed in about two years but I gave it a try cause I was bored.