Summer Recruitment

We’re looking for some typesetting interns for shows next season.

If you actually put in effort, you can definitely be ready to work on shows by next season.

Also, translators.

See the recruitment page for more info and how to apply.

Applications will close a week before the end of the month because after that there’s not enough time to learn (or if we get enough interns who pass.)

Edit: Please do not apply if you’re not willing to put in any effort. Also, here’s the guide so you have an idea of what you’ll be learning.

P.S. You won’t get paid

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74 Responses to “Summer Recruitment”

  1. jabashque says:

    So, any plans to update the typesetting guide there to match the latest version on unanimated’s site?

  2. Reso says:


    I’m still pretty miffed that in the end I had to just drop completely out the last time you guys did these. Life sucks and will continue to be suckorz.

  3. tm says:

    It’s funny, I was looking into learning typesetting to take up hobby projects for old series and came here looking for resources on how to learn. What are the odds?

  4. the queen says:

    it’s kinda ridiculous that you have to specifically mention that people won’t be paid for fansubbing…

  5. BloodSaint says:

    The next Berserk blu ray comes out in a couple weeks. How are you guys doing on securing a copy?

  6. soloblast says:

    1. Do you have a minimum length of time that we need to be committed to the project(s) for? I’m technically free now since I’m no longer working full time, but I have to move country at the end of September because university.

    2. I’m in a +8 UTC time zone. I sleep late (3-4am)though, and all of your current projects air at, what, around 1-2am for me? Dunno if this’ll affect anything though.

    3. I usually default to British English, but can probably do American English no problem. Unless I subconsciously revert to British English, of course.

    4. Do I absolutely have to use IRC? I despise chat rooms and retarded people.

    • Orcus says:

      1) You either do something or don’t bother apply.
      2) Doesn’t really matter.
      3) American English.
      4) Yes. How else would we fucking coordinate this?

    • herkz says:

      An entire season? Would be dumb if you couldn’t even finish out the show you signed up for.

      Should be fine. Typesetters usually start a few hours after things aired.

      Doesn’t matter.


    • RHExcelion says:

      4. It’s okay, not all of us are retarded. Plus you get access to super secret channels away from the plebeian filth.

      • Orcus says:

        But only if we can trust you not to paste the password in the main channel accidentally.

  7. Mehey says:

    can I put fansubbing on my resume? Im all about building a competitive free media resume for my future paid job.

  8. BloodSaint says:

    I was just wondering. If you guys needed a rip, I could have gone downtown that day and bought and ripped it for you. If it’s not a problem then it doesn’t matter.

  9. bot22 says:

    Why you guys change the schedule? it was much better the way it was before

    • lae says:

      If you’re talking about “Showtimes,” it’s not complete (and the default bootstrap styles aren’t going to be kept). Either way, suggestions are welcome.

      • bot22 says:

        I was able to see when the typsetters are nearlt finished before so i can wait.. i can’t see it anymore with this change! please bring it back! :/

        The older way looked more advanced anyway,

        • lae says:

          You have to click on a show’s row to view more information on it. I guess I should make that more obvious.

      • Laxx says:

        I would suggest placing the number of the upcoming episode into the table as well. It would give an even better overview and help to memorize latest releases, in my point of view. Even if most of them would show the same number

      • loko says:

        It would be nice to have a movie tab

  10. bot22 says:

    Okay but the older way is stil much better, its easier to view and simple and even look better

    • Laxx says:

      This is common practice, changes usually are unwelcome. You will get used to it and also like it after a while. I personally think it already looks and feels more appealing than before.

      • bot22 says:

        With the first design i could have clicked showtimes and see everything at once, With this new one i have to click twice -__- its not that i’m lazy but its just that the last one was better and more simple

        • Laxx says:

          Well, that “Showtimes” feature serves to give people a quick overview about the season’s schedule + a rough release point, it’s not supposed to be a release live ticker. I wouldn’t waste my time with looking at it and waiting for releases. Just subscribe to the Newsfeed or check the page now and then if you see that a release is near finished on that day.

          • bot22 says:

            Sigh the reason why i liked the older version is because i can tell when its gonna be released soon, if i have to work and i see that it will be released soon i will wait, because i don’t have time to keep checking every few minutes, i love this site subs but to me, the last version was better :/

          • lae says:

            The old one wasn’t a live ticker in any way at all, and it would have been a pain to implement that. This one is meant to be, though.

  11. Shayd says:

    You should make a theme for the website that looks like the showtimes page, It would be awesome !

  12.  says:

    thanks for the link to the old showtimes

    t. autist

  13. mtm says:

    btw, just a small suggestion for the new showtimes page.
    when you click a show to bring up details, it’d be nice to have it “click anywhere outside the box to close” to close it instead of that X.
    just a personal preference.
    it’d make navigation easier/faster.

    • herkz says:

      it does that for me

      maybe there’s just something wrong with your setup

    • lae says:

      You can click anywhere outside the box.

      Though, I’m getting rid of the modal dialog anyway so I can fit in episodal information for shows.

  14. anon says:

    pickup kingdom 2?

  15. Schezza says:

    Did I miss something, why isn’t commie doing hayate (again)? it’s pretty fun

    • herkz says:

      editor that worked on the previous season died and no one else wanted to get within 100 yards of it

  16. Schezza says:

    but oh well, it’s not worth picking it up. It’s one of the entertaining shows where HorribleSubs are efficient enough… dont mind me

  17. bot22 says:

    What is quality control? sometimes when i visit the “showtime” area of this site i see quality control :/

    • herkz says:

      sometimes someone actually watches the episode and fixes stuff

      other times there’s some issue holding up release

    • Solaristics says:

      The person basically looks at everything from timing, signs and editing. If he notices bad typesetting he’ll note it down and so on with the other two.

  18. bot22 says:

    The showtime section of the site looks much much better!

    • lae says:

      Thanks. Stay tuned!

      • bot22 says:

        One problem tho, i can’t see who’s working on what..

        I’m not seeing the green or red highlight on the typesetter, timer, translator or editor name. I know you will fix it but i’m just saying :p