Summer Recruitment: 4.44 You Can (Not) Re-Sticky

Still need translators…

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25 Responses to “Summer Recruitment: 4.44 You Can (Not) Re-Sticky”

  1. pfmournblade says:

    Why not? I suppose I’ll take a shot at this.

  2. Anon says:

    Do you accept only-weekend people?

  3. devillwithin says:

    I already filled it in but can’t edit the applying for field so count me in when you need someone ^^

  4. HyakuPercent says:

    Skiddiks, please.


  5. Santiago says:

    I’d like to do that yo, i don’t know shit about time but i can follow instructions and do it

    im available all the fuckin time

  6. xDev says:

    ganbatte commie-chan! ^_^

  7. keemeef~ says:

    I would like to master the art of timing in time. Are we gonna get trained too or just follow the very basic instructions?

  8. Thanatos says:

    Sweet, you got Donald Trump to do Space Dandy! I’m sure he’ll be able to devote tons of time out of his busy calendar to make sure it gets back on schedule.

  9. interrupt says:

    Question: how long does it take to time an episode after becoming at least somewhat proficient in it? Obviously time will vary depending on how much dialogue there is, but just on average.

    • herkz says:

      probably about the length of the episode to time it and the length of the episode if you watch/qc and fix the timing

  10. SCEA says:

    Mahoyo, eh?
    Well, I could help with that, given the fact I do know the terminology (as in the original text and the “fan-base” from mirror moon and beast’s lair).

    If it’s about time, well, I do have a lot of free time, so it wouldn’t be a problem, even on weekends.

    (I lurk the IRC, so maybe we can discuss it there?)

  11. FRNZ says:

    I already applied for editor a while back (failed the test ;_;), and now I want to be timer. How do I change “applying for” field on the application?

  12. Synaesthesia says:

    You mentioned that the page now shows our pass/fail status. Does that apply to the entire application or just the ‘personality test’?

    I never received an email reply after submitting my editing test during the recent recruitment drive, but when I look at my application page, I see a ‘PASS’ on the upper right corner along with some coloured bars

  13. Klep says:

    Obviously editing speed isn’t an issue since a single episode of Space Dandy has been in the editing process for around a third of a year now.

  14. RaffoBaffo says:

    Space Dandy by Commie is the Berserk of the Fansub Community.

  15. ShiroTheRed says:

    The real question is, what “days” are you guys needing translators for, assuming you have an idea of who’s doing what on what days.

    • herkz says:

      it doesn’t really matter. most of what we need translators for is non-airing stuff like BD extras, OVAs, backlog stuff, etc.

  16. Sven says:

    Teaching Japanese people the important parts of English.

    Like cursing.