Summer Recruitment

In interest of furthering our ever-expanding portfolio we are recruiting more timers and typesetters.

No experience is necessary for either of these positions, however prospective recruits should note that timers need to be able to cope with repetitive work and typesetters should have some sense of flair and competence in the visual department.

Application deadline is 6/15 12:00AM EST. Letters of acceptance will be sent out then.

Recruitment is over. If you didn’t receive an email you were rejected.

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42 Responses to “Summer Recruitment”

  1. herkz says:


  2. Petrushka says:

    We need moar fags here!

  3. uSalt2 says:

    I’d like to join, but I’m slow as hell. :(

  4. Yomandude says:

    You guys are great, and as much as I’d like to help out I’m both swamped and rather incompetent with technology. Put up a post when you need a good editor, though, and I’ll be all over that mess.

  5. mascthemoney says:

    i always wondered what RH meant.

  6. Fanofde4ever says:

    What do you mean by “repetitive work”?

  7. Chillburger says:

    Sent in an app for the timing position. It would be pretty cool if I got a position, but I have no experience with the subbing process >.<

  8. JokersGist says:

    What’s the next few things you all might be doing anyway?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Horizon II for sure, nothing else really set in stone. We’ll see when the simulcasts release what they’re streaming for the season and plan around them and what we can get our TLs to do.

  9. Catastrophe says:

    talking bout summer… besides Horizon II (FUCK YEAH) what else is planned?

  10. Dusty says:

    Out of curiosity, how often do you guys recruit new timers?

    It seems you’re using “repetitive” as a euphemism for “soul-crushingly monotonous”. Though, I might be reading too much into that… >.>

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Truth is we’re always open to new timers/typesetters/translators but we usually do mass recruitment things at the end of a season or so.

    • torchlight says:

      It’s not monotonous at all; only the “soul-crushing” bit is true!

  11. faster timing faster release

    • Nath says:

      Faster enjoyment for us ^_^

      <—has experience in both fields, but not prepared to give up on my life for the sake of subbing

    • Positron says:

      Actually from my experience timing is rarely a bottleneck and even then it’d only delay stuff by like half an hour. Unless the “available timers/shows to do” ratio is terrible.

      And no I’m not applying again, I can’t even be fucked to do what little fansubbing I do these days to begin with. :V

  12. Privatetuker says:

    I applied! Hopefully I did well. :)

  13. harunomasu says:

    Sent my application a while back later as typesetter. Hope I can help you guys in one way or another :)

  14. Basement dwelling masturbator says:

    First the girl I like rejected me, now Commie..

    nobody wants me.

  15. sangofe says:

    Timing is a job even monkies can do. I can say this after having timed well over thousand anime episodes.

  16. DLG1210 says:

    Today was the only day I could finish my application & I miss the deadline by a few hours
    f*#k me…

  17. The Anon Mouse says:

    damn and here I just got done timing the lyrics to My Dearest-Supercell PV….

  18. The Anon Mouse says:

    Btw if anyone wants to they can ask for it and do the K-timing…i know i would commit suicide if i had to do that!!!

  19. CODE-A says:

    Well?? Did you found the octupii??