Summer Wars on BakaBT

Someone please submit this to BakaBT.

I know it’s got a controlled group, whatever, but do it anyway. If it fails we can remux with Solstice taken out and re-use the description.

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6 Responses to “Summer Wars on BakaBT”

  1. coaldude says:

    uh. no. TMD released their own 1080p, no one wants your version which you practically stole.

  2. That nigger down the street says:

    Why would you even want your release there? ‘cept for the inevitable drama of course.
    If it ain’t Chihiro it’s ain’t gonna be granted.

  3. sage1210 says:

    I am so sorry to say this but it already too late for Solstice version could be grant there.

    Like some one said “Don’t depend on others, only your self that you can depend on ”

  4. sage1210 says:

    However I am glad that you are the only group that do Kampfer specials.

    That make you guys are unique.