Sword Art Online II 05v2

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skiddiks: time for #SkiddiksSavesSummer

EDIT: Apparently, I managed to break xy-vsfilter with my “””typesetting.””” So yeah, some shit is broken. Will be fixed whenever/if we figure out what causes it. #SkiddiksRuinsSummer


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17 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 05v2”

  1. Anon says:

    No patch?

  2. Rifty says:

    Tried to patch, made sure it was in the same folder when I ran the .bat file, kept getting “xdelta3.exe is not recognised”.

    Couldn’t find anything in the FAQ or Playback section about patching.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  3. AMg says:

    Inb4 Disney sue for using that light saber SFX.

    Well, this changes EVERYTHING!

    I’m guessing the flashback episode will take place after Episode 6.

    • bbo says:

      they can’t, it’s a public sound repisotory I believe; even if it’s not, they probably licensed it some way or another.

      There are huge packages of sound effects for studios after all.

  4. Besty says:

    @AMg yeah it will, surprised how well they are following the LN so far though.

    • Malific says:

      SAO has been very good about following the source, much better than a lot of anime certainly.

    • AMg says:

      So far it is. Compare to the last season, they (both Reki-san and the series producers) took the time to explain the game mechanics of GGO. Also, the series producer took the liberality to fill in the RL firearms being use as the LN only state the main weapons being use by the main characters. The list weapon is comparable to COD and more recent Battlefield iteration minus the accessories.

  5. Tarkhein says:

    Finally got around to watching this episode and you’re still using Ballet of Bullets? The show writes Bullet of Bullets right in the banner as they head in for registration (timestamp 1:55-1:57).

  6. Epyon88 says:

    Escuse, a question:
    You will work the episode of Sword Art Onffline that was included in the BD of Extra Edition???