Sword Art Online II 06


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10 Responses to “Sword Art Online II 06”

  1. Epyon88 says:

    Great episode!

  2. MadoQ says:

    Thanks for releasing it very early this week! :D

  3. AMg says:

    It’s nice to go back the death game Aincard.

    Now the stakes are higher than before; welcome to (redacted), the final free-for-all stage of BoB! Let the Hunger Games be… Oopss! Wrong novel.

    These MLGpros are so pro that they didn’t bother use attachments and customize paint jobs. Probably using aftermarket attachments are not so popular in Japan servers and pretty expensive. Most of these players hate to lose their customize weapons when all your clans being wipe out in an ambush or PvP event except BoB. Well, you have to choose either splurge on an optic enhancement or barely paying this month expenses.


  4. Tempesta says:

    are u guys still doing zenkyou no terror or dropping it? its been weeks

  5. yuyu says:

    is jojo dropped?