Sword Art Online II 07


skiddiks: Why do I have to save this crap every week? ;_;

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  1. Cickány says:

    Thanks, and keep on saving this, skiddiks! :)

  2. Tei says:

    ily skiddiks <3

  3. MadoQ says:


  4. anon says:

    because CR doesn’t have that awesome OP

  5. man00ver says:

    Why? Because Suguha’s rack. Duh.

    • skiddiks says:

      Not gonna lie, her rack got me through the second part of S1. I almost want to watch this show because of Sinon, but the plot’s fucking retarded from what I’ve seen while timing it.

      • man00ver says:

        I liked the Phantom Bullet arc in the LNs. I just hope it doesn’t drag too much if they stretch to 24 episodes. The pace feels a little slow so far. Maybe they’ll treat us to the Caliber arc also.

        • RoflCat says:

          If it goes to 24 episodes we might get both Caliber and Mother’s Rosario aka the FEELS arc.

          • AMg says:

            Nah… Caliber is more to special episode since it’s semi-canon side story as being pen by the author. You have to remember they omitted Kirito, Yui & Leafa “little adventure” in Jotunheim part for the first season. Therefore, they need to alter the story of how they know that region and some “precious” loot contain there.

            • man00ver says:

              They could always cover the skipped part from Fairy Dance via flashback, bridging to the Caliber SS. It fits in nicely here, and they’ll have to do SOMETHING to fill in two cour show. Unless they don’t. Thematically, I think Mother’s Rosario should probably have its own OVA series or movie.

  6. RinzImpulse says:

    @skiddiks because you’re crap

  7. bbo says:

    friendzoned, lol

    • AMg says:

      Oh, boy. This ain’t gonna be good since he’s the only RL friend that “really care” about her well being.

      Let’s rekt the mlgpros like Kirito do. :3

  8. flupperman says:

    so hot litte “sister”, super hot nurse (at 15:26 he grabs her boobs), friendzoned dude
    ….. i like it, if they just made more scenes like ep 2

  9. Wolfie says:

    thanks alt text

  10. Taiga says:

    Is the Bullet of Bullets the actual translation?
    I was thinking Ballet of Bullets would make a lot more sense.

  11. gil says:

    How did you guys come up with “Cleanse the defiled!” at 18:29 ? I mean I know you did it for fun but was it something from what Asuna said or did you use the first “healing spell in video games” that came up on google or something

  12. Clo says:

    How could you didn’t catch this?

    Jap: Sumimasen, Asuna-san?
    CR: Silica-san? Asuna-san?

  13. Clo says:

    Me too, but it’s freaky common.

  14. Balmung says:

    skiddiks the story hasn’t really gone anywhere yet its all still in a build up stage really. i will say they keep throwing in overly used lines in anime oftenish but to be honest i’m just here for the jojo background. GOOD LUCK (Oh and seriously you guys rock)