TERA Recruitment

[Commie Devs] is recruiting active PvP/PvEers on Mount Tyrannas (NA).

All levels and item levels are welcome.* We run Nexus/BGs/KN20/etc pretty much daily. If you have any questions, PM “Astryll” or “Dhomar”. There’s a guide to installing TERA at the bottom of this post if you want to get into the game.

*There are some exceptions:
-Don’t act like you’re under 18. I don’t care if you’re actually younger than 18 as long as you don’t act like it.
-Don’t ragequit the guild because I called you a poopyhead for doing X wrong. I do it all the time. Deal with it.
-No drama. This is not high school. If you don’t like it you can quit.
-Please, keep emoticons to a minimum.

To join, go to the “Social” tab (second from the right when you hit Alt), click on “Guilds on Server”, search Commie, and click “Apply to Guild”.

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to invite all your friends as well. Guild recruitment is always open.


-We’re an EU (Enlightened Union) guild. We’re stuck at like rank 21 because we don’t have enough members to farm alliance quests.

-We have a mumble server but that’s rarely used because my internet is shit.

If you’ve quit the game and would like to contribute to our cause, feel free to join the guild and dump everything you own of value into the guild bank.

How to install TERA:

Go here: http://tera.enmasse.com/download
Hit “Streaming Download”

You’ll be able to play the tutorial island (up to level 11) with the streaming client, as it downloads the rest of the game. I do recommend you play an elin, because elins are the master race. Also because you’re a disgusting lolicon. After all, why else are you here?

Also get an account. You’ll need one.

I look forward to seeing you ingame.

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112 Responses to “TERA Recruitment”

  1. Trieste says:

    *would join if only for loli Elin race*
    *reads post*

    *sees NA server*

    Fuck. :(

    • RHExcelion says:

      You can play on the NA server from Europe.

      • bbo says:

        with horrible substyle ping and jerkface jittering. dont forget rubberbanding and the ping-accompanying-delay in commands for a generaly unenjoyable experience due to *press attackbutton*wait*get eaten*

        • Lulz says:

          Nah, I played from Europe and ping was not that horrible. It was totally playable. I cleared MCHM 205 times, got my VM set and quit the game. The end :<

  2. Meme says:

    I might just have to start playing TERA again.

  3. IceD says:

    It’s a pity you’re on NA.

  4. Transition says:

    Oooooooooo….so it really was the legit Commie guild that I saw.

    If only I could keep my graphics that high, computer dies at Nexus times.

  5. stgmefly says:

    lel nerds

  6. Shittymu says:


    Implying anyone wants to play with this faggot. Avoid this nigga.

  7. johnny_dickpants says:

    >inviting plebs into the dev guild

    rhe pls

    let’s open up the staff channel to all of rizon while we’re at it

  8. chuckk says:

    Gear me up in Regents and I’ll hop over to MT

    • RHExcelion says:


      • chuckk says:

        Though I need to l2MCHM because I’ve only run it once and we got her down to 70% in second phase before some fuck screwed up debuff phase.

        • Bass says:

          Shit is easy as cake if everyone knows how to play their class and has half a brain honestly.

          • chuckk says:

            Nobody wants a warrior unless they’re tanking because melee is a bitch (most prefer 3 sorcs/archers, tank and heal) and traverse cut debuff doesn’t effect manaya

            • RHExcelion says:

              Also because Scythe is useless on queen.

              • chuckk says:

                I’ll probably roll an Archer on MT, get it to 60 and gear it and run MCHM with that. Just give the quills to my war when I get enough for VM.

                • RHExcelion says:

                  Nobody wants an Archer in MCHM at all. Quills are character bound.

                  • chuckk says:

                    Yeah I remembered it being character bound after posting that comment.

                    Nobody wants archers? Really? I know a few statics on CH that have two sorcs and an archer as their DPS

                    • RHExcelion says:

                      Yeah archers are awful at queen.

                    • Tristie says:

                      Unfortunately archer’s dps is shit for some of the pve content compared to other classes.

                    • Karma says:

                      Quills have never been character bound as far as I’ve known…6+ months at least. They’re account bound. Actual VM gear is char bound.
                      That or the quills I had in my bank before crafting my disc were lying to me along with all the people that I know who made VM for alts that weren’t even 60 yet.

  9. Tristie says:

    Where are all those OP 60s that want to join?

  10. a d00d says:

    >playing TERA

  11. Sop says:

    Downloaded today and played a bit. Tried to join, but told me you guys didn’t exist.

  12. Balto says:

    playing Tera? dude go sub some chinese cartoons

  13. Wolfwod says:

    “Free server transfers will no longer be available after noon PDT on June 11. After this date, there will be an EMP fee to transfer servers, so make sure you are on the server you want to play on before noon PDT on June 11.” A little bit too late for start recruiting if you ask me :(

  14. Meme says:

    I’m rerolling on that server. I haven’t been on TERA for a few months, what is doing good now class wise?

  15. Transition says:

    Was wondering what timezone and time do you usually run daily instancing?

    Also, would you care to teach from ToT and up too?

    I’m a mystic that hit 60 about a week ago but haven’t done any of them cause no group wants iLvl 150, so I’m still just farming rep and gold for gear.

    • RHExcelion says:

      Uh like 10AM to 4AM CST. I’ll teach anything. As a mystic in ToT your job is to sit there and look pretty.

    • Tristie says:

      Your ilvl wont even matter for some of the beginning instances if you ran with us. You’d in turn get some items to sell or use for enchanting. Most of the time the hits we take doesn’t do a ton of damage.

      On the ToT note, RHE pretty much drops his balls in there and idles around until he’s needed. Sometimes he’s needed more than others.. depends if the dps is shit.

    • Transition says:

      Cool :)

      Thanks for the replies.

  16. Inu says:

    Is the recruiment still open? I’m a lancer full t14 +12. I haven’t played in a couple of months, but I’ll be returning to TERA next week.

  17. thesisidiot says:

    Should ask for ilvl 158 at least. :x

  18. Anonymous says:

    Haven’t logged in half a year. Back then, I was with TFT. No idea if that guild still exists.

  19. Drytak says:

    Sent a request, been playing a bit on eu servers, so i’m low lvl

  20. Disgruntled says:

    Your older entries link for Zetsuen no Tempest is bugged and instead takes you to a page with the correct url but displays recent entries that are completely unrelated.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Yes we know about that. would be nice to get it fixed but that won’t happen. Just search commie zetsuen on NT.

  21. yukiyuzen says:

    Huh. I’ve seen the guild around, I didn’t know it was a fansub group.

    Ah, but this isn’t an application. I’m happy with Lolicon (lol) guild right now.

  22. iyria says:

    I applied on my Lancer. Let me in :O

  23. Kolt says:

    Damn. I’m on Lake of Tears.

  24. Bleh says:

    Forgot about this… just started playing again… since beta.

  25. Catastrophe says:

    >mfw this thing is now ftp


  26. Salune says:

    I just made a Priest. Even though I’m low level, could I join?

  27. Bot22 says:

    Herkz is one of the best typsetter ever

  28. Bot22 says:

    You sub anime the best here

  29. Inu says:

    am I the only one with problems with TERA after the pirate costumes patch?

    • Tristie says:

      No problems here. Did you try going into the “tools” section on the launcher and clicking the “repair”?

      • Inu says:

        Yep, I also tried the updating the elin mods (I had the v 1.3 now I’m on the 1.5), then I restored the files with a backup I have, and repaired again.

        I think launcher it’s not updating my client so I’m not getting the lastest patch at all, but I have no idea if in this game I can download the patches manually.

  30. Kixaz says:

    Well dang, I’m actually on Ascension Valley (PvE). :(

  31. riki says:

    damn im on EU server .>. おおおおおお

  32. Justaway says:

    Is it okay if i’m just 6 lvl atm?

  33. DeliriousB says:

    Boo…. I’m on Tempest Reach. XD

  34. bbo says:

    is it possible to overwrite the shitty rest-of-world censorshit with asian lolifuck?

    • bbo says:

      that looks so wrong.

      fuck it :trollface:

      • Sildra says:

        It is possible, you have to download the coreans skins and replace yours. I had no problems so far. Google-it to know how to get the skins.

  35. Nothing but Ellins. Figures. LOLICONS.

  36. Serys says:

    Not on CH? Not worth it.

  37. Kayu says:

    Do you have specific amount of time one must play a week, i am on the server, yet sometimes i dont get too much time to play due work and etc.
    have 60 zerk
    60 slayer
    60 war
    zerk being the most decent geared, well not decent anymore since i stopped playing in January and everyone and their mom started getting crafted gear and shit, i bassically got the nexus t14 gear with mw weapon +10 which i think its pretty shitty for today’s standards.

    • Tristie says:

      There is no requirement on the amount of time one must play. Just apply and play when you can or feel like it.

  38. pinoyknight says:

    I need help in Bestial Vale. Looking for lvls 22-25. T_T

  39. LOL says:

    People still play Tera?

    Why would you even touch that game with Guild Wars 2 on the market.

  40. Maitern says:

    Tempest Reach here :/

  41. Happiness says:

    I’m surprised people still play this game. I thought D3 killed Tera and GW2 raped the remains.

    Anyways, I have a 59 Lancer and and 20-40ish of everything else. Thought about dicking around the game a bit yesterday, but my patching failed due to the uncensor mods I was using.

    • Recently says:

      Diablo 3 and gw2 killed themselves if anything.

      Can’t really speak for tera though since never played that myself. The age of MMO’s though has been declining; everyone’s becoming more casual these days.

      Gone are the days where i’d grind 8-12 hours a day on ff11 and love every minute it of. Now i can barely play a game for more than an hour without getting bored and putting it aside.

      • Orcus says:

        Probably because you got older and aren’t impressed by repetitive activities like a 12-year old would be.

  42. Gest says:

    are you guys still recruiting? Leveled a slayer to 58 and sorc to 40 first 2 months or so of release, I’d be willing to xfer from Tempest Reach to play with you guys

  43. Yanoflies says:

    Are most of you guys are loli-warriors? Always see you in CSBG — dominating.

    I’ll probably join soon, just joined the reddit one but will switch over after 7 days (doesn’t even feel like a guild).

    I pre-ordered in beta but only started playing couple of weeks ago (the Australian ping turned me away, but now I’ve learnt to live with it), made the mistake of playing VoT (thinking it was THE VoT from beta) but remade on MT. Got a Lancer and Sorceress; Sorceress has 1 day play time and is 51 (100% 7 days) so I should be 60 very soon.

    Playing from Australia. Looking forward to playing with you guys.

  44. GuisED says:

    I’m new but I requested anyways. Is there a level i should get to before you’ll accept me? So far level 10

  45. Garedayn says:

    wished singapore have tera now…

  46. oblivion says:

    Maybe I’ll dump some things that I gathered and don’t need anymore. Tough I don’t play that often nowadays…

  47. Mamudo says:

    How active is this guild right now? The one I’m in is pretty dead and I’d like to switch over.

  48. Kikusui says:

    Too bad your on enmasse. Started 2 days ago on europe version. Anyways thanks for the tip. Would not have come to know about this game if not for this requirement topic. So far im really loving tera.

  49. Devilish says:

    I played a CH version of TERA, and I was banned because the Chinese government is evil.

    I will say this however: to win, just have sorcerers (and archers to a lesser extent), sit back and toss out aoe damage. It’s very unbalanced and 8+ times out of 10 that will beat a team that pulls any melee shit on you.

    Now bear in mind, you need upgraded fucking gears. I’d love to join you but I’m too lazy to upgrade my gear. Best of luck.

  50. persona fan says:

    did you forget subbing persona 4 movie factor of hope?
    raws are on nyaa torrent