The latest in quality, 2011

No lie, this shit is hilarious.

http://archive.easymodo.net/a/thread/55387119#p55387119 (for when it 404s)

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40 Responses to “The latest in quality, 2011”

  1. airco says:

    This is what happens when you fags don’t bloat file sizes. I expect a crf-15 encode next week.

  2. bob says:

    did someone spread a stupid virus on 4c again?

  3. JustSteven says:

    Im enjoying 10bit, btw those kids need to lurk more including OP.

  4. anon-kun says:


    lol u mad?

  5. Zan says:

    I see. Good to know where the extra bits are going.

  6. FFF says:

    It’s always hapen. Think about what happened after every(?) fagsub dropped the avi container and released only in mkv. History repeats itself.

  7. My Required Name says:

    This shit is hilarious.
    Thou I do admit that you guys could have done a better job with Fate/Zero(I get that you guys wanted to release it quick since it was first episode and all)

  8. karotsu says:

    In that thread right now. Didn’t think this would happen.

  9. FooBar says:

    That guy’s got it all wrong. Obviously Commie switched to 10 bit so they could embed subliminal messages in their encodes. Their ultimate goal is to create a massive army of minions for the upcoming revolution.

  10. Udin says:

    Dont care about size or bit

    I got best spec PC and best download speed

    Just give me the best quality to watch

  11. aaaaaaaa says:


  12. mackyman says:

    Hahaha =D 4chan in a nutshell!

  13. hello says:

    Can’t tell if serious.

  14. Samdidliambo says:

    This makes perfect sense to me. I applaud the brave and visionary soul who has shown us the error of our ways. To arms, men! Down with 10-bit!

  15. Dragondildos says:

    >Get called shit.

    >Get assmad and post 1 silly post on front page.

    Stay golden, commie.

  16. alguien says:

    Maybe that person is mad because his/her pc can’t play the files now.

  17. Baka-chan says:

    It all makes sense now!

  18. Seppo-kun says:

    The first comment is reasonable enough (http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/84470), but the second one doesn’t make any fucking sense.

  19. riknel says:

    Hahaha oh wow, the only thing missing from that post is rotational velocidensity.

  20. /B/ros says:

    This guy is just a Fallfag….

  21. Puff says:

    Why encodes so purple?

  22. Zozo-san says:

    I kinda like the second post. I’m attending courses about information theory where you learn that you can compress a bit to less than a bit.

  23. Hollowbear says:

    Why they whine like a bitch when the quality between 8-bit and 10-bit almost can’t be notice by nake eyes or they just want to make a point that I’m damn smart not like you all fag?

  24. PaleBlue says:

    A bit is not a byte.
    A byte is 8 bits.
    Half a byte is a nibble.

    • Reiko says:

      To be technical, the size of a byte is architecture dependent. A byte is just a means of addressing space. Depending on what a device is built for/to do, the size of a byte can be of any number of bits. The size is chosen based on what will be most optimized for the purpose of the device. Hence why to avoid confusion, the term “octet” (8 bits) exists.

  25. Heavyoak says:

    lulz have been had. also, most of the people in that thread did not have CCCP.

  26. AsDumbAs4chan says:



    UTW 501.8 8MB
    Commie 320.56 MB

    I kind of like the smoother UTW vid than the detailed Commie one (not to mention, I like the font better). I wouldn’t even notice details like that attic hatch in the 2nd comparison anyways.

    LOL @ the compressed bit argument.

  27. AsDumbAs4chan says:

    Was browsing Screenshotcomparison and everything seems skewed in UTW’s favor. A lot of UTW fanboys or are they really that good? Ex. ZeroRaw 8bit (not Tokyo MX) vs UTW 10bit (Tokyo MX). They seem to pick up a lot of pervy otaku shows.

    • RHExcelion says:

      They’re picking the scenes that show the differences the most. Those dark scenes make up probably less than 10% of the episode, at 150% the size. Viewed from far enough away it’s not even discernible most of the time.

  28. chazzgt says:

    Stupidity knows no bounds.

  29. Fag It says:

    Keeping on topic with this compelling analysis of HI10p’s paradoxical nature, I’d like to assert that NEGATIVE NUMBER DO NOT EXIST.

    …can’t have less than zero.

  30. hai gaiz says:

    wtf? UTW’s main version is 10bit as well

  31. hai gaiz says:

    nfc what the 2nd post is even trying to do with the comparison, let alone the rest of the incoherent shit which comes before & after it