Three New Themes

Only two are actually relevant

Props to scucci. As always, theme switcher is there for everyone to choose the one they hate the most.

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27 Responses to “Three New Themes”

  1. airconditioning says:

    Yeah, Denpa is kind of irrelevant, but Pickle theme more than makes up for it.

  2. bosco says:

    Even though I enjoy pickles, the Pickle theme is rather disgusting. I think I’ll be going with that one.

  3. 神様 says:

    God will be using Denpa theme. <3

  4. 神様 says:

    God will be using Denpa theme. <3

  5. anon-kun says:

    /r/ a soviet theme ofc in red

  6. Onyx says:

    Pickles, really?

  7. bautrey says:

    A pickle theme? What the hell?

  8. Mushyrulez says:

    Why is the header not Kami Subs :p

  9. ScoopyPoopy says:

    1. Theme switcher redirects to home page!
    2. I can’t change themes because I have no cookies. ZANNEN

  10. Sword of Retribution says:

    I love Denpa anime. However, Denpa Theme has damaged my retina.


  11. Eternal_lurker says:

    Pickles all the way!

  12. Pickle says:

    lol @ pickle

  13. Horo says:

    And TK remains the best theme.

    • Bom says:

      No. That title belongs to the Tenshi theme.

      • Kirby_422 says:

        But the TK theme has TK, AND Tenshi. It’s the best of both.

        Also, thank you for these pickles.

        • Gaku says:

          And yet, both are unreadable when compared to old, good, default Nura. Either backgrounds or posters’ names are too dark in all the other themes.

  14. Dexil says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaah my eyes bleed!!!

  15. Rangus says:

    Nice TWGOK theme, but i expected more firetrucks.

  16. Shawn263241 says:

    I personally prefer the Nura theme. It’s much easier on the eyes than a few, simple, but not too simple, and relevant to my interests.

  17. Hadouken says:

    Denpa all the way because I like staring at the background rather than the actual content of the site.

  18. Fag It says:

    Nice royal treatment of TWGOK theme, I accept. Pickle color scheme has appealing aesthetics if only one can convince themselves it isn’t innuendo.

    Incidentally, I cannot.

  19. DSPkun says:

    Pickle master race here.

  20. Positron says:

    And Tenshi theme is still fuckin’ superior.

    (Yeah, still alive. No time for IRC though. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ )

  21. Lv4Hypocrite says:

    Maria theme, fuckers.

    ..but pickle is fine too, so thanks.

  22. FFF says:

    What a nice cucumber.