Tokyo Ghoul 04


skiddiks: I’m never hiring Canadian editors Canadians ever again. #SkiddiksSavesSummer

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5 Responses to “Tokyo Ghoul 04”

  1. skeine says:

    Not our fault you Americans can’t spell.

  2. Dood says:

    Why is Persona 3 protag here?

  3. TypicalGatsby says:

    I was once not a believer, but now I know #SkiddiksSavesSummer is our messiah.

  4. Tempesta says:

    i was almost on the point of giving up on commie and move to other sub groups cuz you guys are damn slow this season.

    #SkiddiksSavesSummer brought me back again.

  5. Zet says:

    What did you honestly expect from filthy border jumpers?